Tips on Bringing Your Dog to Work

Read Bark Busters 5 important tips on how to celebrate Bring Your Dog to Work Day (6/21) so that you and your pup can have a great and safe day together.
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It’s 7 o’clock in the morning; you’ve packed your lunch and grabbed your things to head out the door for work. As you turn around to check that you haven’t forgotten anything, you see your dog watching you, their eyes begging you to bring them with you! It’s the toughest part of the day for all of us, wishing nothing more than we could bring our pup to work with us.

Well, on Friday, June 21, you’re in luck! It’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day! For one day a year, this unofficial holiday promotes bringing Fido to work with you and allowing you to share your furry friend with your coworkers.

But did you know that some of the top companies in the United States allow their employees to bring their pets to work everyday? At Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, dog owners are encouraged to go for walks in the courtyard with their pup and dog water fountains can be found next to every human water fountain! And Etsy has maintained a pet friendly policy since they began in 2005, believing that bringing dogs to work helps keep spirits high and creates a sense of community and connection. Bissell’s headquarters in Michigan takes their love of dogs a step further than the rest by creating open areas for dogs to play together and having treats and fun toys on hand to keep your pets occupied and happy while their owners work away.

While not all of us have the good fortune to work at one of these dog friendly companies, on June 21, we can experience a small piece of how it feels to be able to bring your dog to work with you. Keep reading below for 5 important tips on how to celebrate Bring Your Dog to Work Day so that you and your pup can have a great day together.

Let your co-worker’s know ahead of time

Assuming your company participates in this unofficial holiday, as a common courtesy be sure to inform your coworkers of your plans to bring your dog in to the office. Some may have allergies or a fear of dogs and not be in favor of you bringing your pet to work. Be respectful of them and make an alternate plan to celebrate, if needed.

Does your dog’s demeanor work in an office?

While this is an exciting opportunity you don’t want to miss out on, be sure that your dog is the right fit for the office. Does he/she often get nervous around strangers? Can your dog cope with other dogs? Have they been known to show aggression in unfamiliar situations? If any of these scenarios sound like your pup, it’s probably best to leave them at home.

Pack a bag for your dog

Be sure to bring the essentials for your dog to keep them happy throughout the work day. This includes the basics such as food, water, treats and bowls but also extends to a leash for walks, clean-up bags for your pet’s business, and toys – preferably ones without squeakers as we don’t want to disturb any coworkers.

Plan Ahead for Success

It’s always a good idea to do a sweep of your immediate workspace where you and your dog will be spending most of your day. Hide or secure electrical cords, remove poisonous plants, and make sure any toxic cleaners or pens are tucked away. A quick once over of your office space before you get distracted with meetings and conference calls can make a huge difference in avoiding an accident.

Most importantly, have fun!

Studies have shown that dogs in the workplace not only boost productivity but also increase office morale and encourage conversation amongst employees. And the best part is, instead of having to see your pup watch you leave for work with their sad eyes, you can make their day by bringing them along and see their tail wag with excitement!


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