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At Bark Busters Home Dog Training, we are not just dog trainers - we are dog behavioral therapists. What exactly is a dog behavioral therapist? Essentially we work with you and your dog on behavior modification techniques.It involves using body language and a different tone of voice to establish yourself as the pack leader. In as little as two hours (versus weeks or months by other methods), the Bark Busters dog training approach can help owners establish control of their dog--all without treats or the need for harsh punishment. Not only do we deal with basic command issues, we also tackle more extreme dog behaviors such as dog aggression and biting.

What might seem like nuisance behaviors to some can become extremely annoying in their extreme. Here are some common dog behavioral problems we work with dog owners to overcome:

  1. Digging. It's in a dog's nature to dig, but when you come home and find your grass dug up, that's not acceptable. Dogs dig in search of food, to investigate sounds and smells, to improve their shelter, or to escape. First, you need to catch your dog in the act of digging - not after the hole has been dug! We will help you discover whether your dog is digging from boredom, separation anxiety, a nutritional deficiency or because he doesn't know it is wrong!
  2. Chewing. We know that puppies in particular and dogs in general love to chew. Not only is it destructive, but it can lead to a dog swallowing something poisonous or harmful. We will work with you to break this behavior right away. Make sure to provide plenty of acceptable chew toys for your dog. Never give your dog old shoes or clothing items to chew, as he may not distinguish between these old items and new ones.
  3. Not coming when called. You want to teach your dog that coming when called is good and always praise him when he does so. Many dog owners make the mistake of running after dogs or just calling their name (they may not understand the command). Our dog training will be invaluable in teaching your dogs the basic commands.
  4. Pulling on the leash. When you walk your dog is he constantly tugging on the leash to the point where you don't know who is walking who? With our dog training methods, your dog will soon understand that leash pulling gets him nowhere.
  5. Jumping. Dogs often jump when they are excited or want to greet you. However, this behavior can be extremely harmful if it results in you or your guests getting knocked down ... on top of just scaring people. We will work with you to make sure your dogs remain firmly planted on the ground!
If you are irritated, frustrated, angry, or even desperate dealing with inappropriate, embarrassing, or destructive dog behaviors, our dog behavioral therapists can help ... you'll be amazed at the results after just one lesson!


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