2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to Bark Busters’ 2020 Gift Guide! Fun and practical gifts for dogs and dog lovers! Have you gotten your holiday shopping done?
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Welcome to Bark Busters’ 2020 Gift Guide!

We’ve sniffed the internet for the best 14 gifts for any pooch and pet parent: fun, practical, and everything in between.

1. Furbo Camera – Leaving your furry best friend is no fun under any circumstance, but don’t despair – Furbo is here! The Furbo camera lets you see, talk to, and even give a treat to your dog while you’re away. It’s almost like you’ve never left!

2. Dog Lovers Gift Box with Sitter Checklist - Treat your favorite dog lover (or yourself!) with a wonderful gift box full of useful things: two prints, Thank You notecards, greeting cards, and a Pet Sitter Checklist that takes the guesswork out of taking care of your pup.

3. Durafoam Ball - This is no ordinary ball – Durafoam is soft but tough, making it excellent for indoor and outdoor play. It even floats in water, making it the perfect companion for any excursion. 

4. Portable Water Dispenser – Say goodbye to the clumsy portable hydration options of the past. This completely self-contained water dispenser for your on-the-go pup carries and dispenses water into the attached “bowl” with the press of button for less mess.

5. Personalized Collar - Keeping proper identification on your dog at all times is so important to their safety. An all-in-one personalized collar keeps their tags attached for easy ID and a safe return if lost.

6. Bark Busters Gift Certificate - Why not give your friends and loved ones the gift of a better relationship with their dog? Find your local trainer and purchase a Bark Busters gift certificate!

7. Dog Travel Bag - They may be smaller, but our pups don’t travel light! This travel bag can hold everything you need to comfortably hit the road with your dog - collapsible bowls, food storage, plenty of pockets for all their toys, and even a luggage sleeve to attach to your own suitcase.

8. Funny Wine Glass - This one may be more of a “want” than a need, but who doesn’t like a playful reminder that you’re never really alone as long as your furry friend is around?

9. Dog Feeder Tracker – Big eyes and cute faces can convince even the most hardened heart that dinner hasn’t been served. Avoid overfeeding your dog by utilizing this Dog Feeder tracking system – an easy way to let others know that Fido has already been fed.

10. Dog Puffer Vest – Protect your pet from the elements with this warm and cozy puffer vest. It’s the extra layer of protection they’ll need to stay comfortable during walks and playtime when the weather isn’t the best.

11. MudBlaster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner – Sometimes the best days with your pup are the dirtiest! Use the MudBlaster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner to give their paws a quick rinse and say goodbye to the mess before they enter the car or house.

12. Christmas Tree Ornaments – Selfless and full of unconditional love, our dogs are there for us all year long. Give them their well-deserved spot on the family tree with an Old World Christmas ornament. They have a variety of different dog breeds to choose from, so you can find the one that looks the most like your furry family member!

13. Pet Portraits - Add some personality to your home with a fun (and beautiful!) portrait of your dog. A single photograph is all it takes to receive a personalized, hand-drawn piece of art that you can enjoy year-round.

14. The GameChanger® - An ideal gift for a dog that needs to be kept occupied! The GameChanger® is a dog toy and behavioral tool that will keep you dog busy for hours. Simply open it up (easy for humans, hard for dogs!) and fill it with your pup's favorite treats or kibble. Your dog will be happily occupied working out how to make the GameChanger® spill out its treats!

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