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Remember a world without cell phones, how did we ever get along? Technology has made life easier in so many ways, even for dogs and their owners. Whether you're looking for an app to track your dog's walking or even if you want access to emergency pet information, the following apps can be invaluable!

Track walking. It seems that everyone has a FitBit now to track their daily exercise, activity, sleep, weight and more. Not wanting to be left out, they now have similar apps for dogs including FitBark, PitPat, Poof and more!

Get in touch with a vet 24/7. Too often dog owners are faced with questions that don't necessarily require a visit to the vet. Or, they have issues on the weekend when their vet is closed. My dog is drinking a lot of water, should I worry? My cat is very lethargic lately, is this cause for alarm. PetCoach (and many similar apps) lets you ask a question 24/7 for free and talk to a veterinarian. You can also search through articles that other people have discussed with the veterinarians and get advice on pet training and behavior.

Selecting a dog. Don't know what type of breed is best for your lifestyle? You can consult with your local Bark Busters trainer, refer to our articles on Breed of the Month, or try iTunes and Google Play). Maybe you are allergic to certain breeds; maybe you need a running buddy; maybe you want to know what health problems to look out for in a breed - these apps are here for you.

First Aid. Just like you'd bone up on First Aid techniques for yourself or friends, your pets are different. It's important to have a first line of defense for illness and injury. You can check symptoms and watch videos to respond to common emergency situations. You can learn about early warning signs, learn first aid steps, and take quizzes on pet health and safety. In a more serious situation, the app will also locate the nearest emergency animal hospital or allow you to set up a vet appointment. Produced by the American Red Cross, try iTunes and Google Play.

Selfies. While they're all beautiful, not all dogs are natural models, and it can be hard to snap a pic every time your dog is looking adorable. BarkCam plays a sound to get your dog's attention long enough to snap the Insta-worthiest shot, and even has filters to help you edit it after. Consider BarkCam.

Nutrition. Questioning the edibility of whatever your dog just ate off the floor? Just whip out the iKibble, look up what she ate, and find out just how healthy it really is for her.

Vacationing. BringFido allows you to find pet friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches, and tons more. You can also book your hotel, look up their pet policy, and use filters to find the hotels that would best fit your dog. Super useful if you have a large dog, or are in a new town and want to grab dinner with your best furry friend.

Dating. Is your pet lonely? DoggyDatez helps you find furfriends to have playdates with near you. There's also a foursquare-like function that allows you to "mark your territory" so other dogs and their owners know who's the boss in your area.

Barking. Without a doubt, the best way to stop a dog from barking is to hire a Bark Busters dog trainer. However, you nor the trainer can be around 24/7. Consider Good Woofy which can train your dog to stop barking while you're not home by playing short recordings of your voice that play automatically when your dog barks. Later you can view your dog's progress with Stats and Playing Back of Recordings. Another good barking apps is BarknMad.


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