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How often should you bathe your dog? Should your dog be groomed once a week, once a month? The answer to this question depends on the breed, the environment, your dog's level of activity and any skin issues. Just like humans, dogs can get stinky! Remember, the only sweat glands on a dog are between their paws. There are some dog owners who never bathe their dog (not advised), but their dogs do not have an unpleasant odor. If you find dog cleaning to be too difficult, make your life easy and take your dog to a dog groomer - they even have mobile dog groomers that will come to your home!


We suggest you wash your dog at least once per month using a dog shampoo. If you're going to bathe your dog more often, use a moisturizing shampoo or a soap-free shampoo so your dog does not itch. There are shampoos that keep a dog's coat brighter, help shedding or even moisturize the dog's skin. You'll be amazed when you go to a pet store ... there are as many different dog shampoos as we humans have! Many shampoos meant for people are too harsh for a dog.


Your dog's breed can depend on how often he should be bathed. Certain dogs benefit from bathing while other breeds can develop skin problems from too many baths. If you have a hairy dog, like a spaniel, baths should be scheduled once every two months or so. Different breeds may go as long as six to eight months.


Is your dog an indoor dog or an outdoor dog? If your dog rolls around in the mud or likes to swim in ponds, he might need a bathe more often. Keeping a white dog clean requires frequent bathing if he runs outdoors a lot.

Type of Coat

Is your dog a short-haired dog or a long-haired? Long-haired dogs need bathing more frequently, because dirt can get caught in their fur. Dogs can benefit from frequent brushing to loosen any dirt and keep the fur from flying all over you!

Some dogs are afraid of baths, so try and make the experience as enjoyable as possible. It might be best to choose a room with a closed door when you bathe your dog, not only to prevent him from escaping, but to save your house from flying water. You might want to invest in a detachable shower spray nozzle which makes washing and rinsing much easier. Or depending on where you live and what kind of dog you have, it might be best to give your dog a bath outside.


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