Is It Time For Your Dog To Go Back To School?

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Many dog owners put up with annoying or nuisance behaviors because it is easier to ignore it than do something about it. Or maybe you think it can't be changed.

As the kids head back to school, maybe it's time for your dog to get some additional training as well. Time and time again, our Bark Busters dog trainers have helped dog owners overcome these top 10 annoying dog behaviors. These are habits that are perfectly acceptable in the canine world, but not among us humans.

Regardless of his/her age, breed or size, Bark Busters has the solutions to help you overcome these problem behaviors.

  • Jumping on people. Do your guests get "bowled over" by your dog?
  • Incessant barking. Dogs bark for a reason... what is your dog trying to tell you? No one wants to be the owner of that dog in the neighborhood that everyone hates because it won't shut up!
  • Humping. Does your dog try and hump other dogs, your legs, or his favorite stuffed toy? Mounting behavior is usually not about sex.
  • Barging through the door first. Does your dog like to show who the big dog is by insisting on being the first out the door?
  • Licking. Some people love dog kisses but others may not like to be drooled upon by your dog.
  • Drinking from the toilet. Does your dog understand the toilet is not one big water dish?
  • Stealing food off the table or begging. Finding it hard to resist those adorable eyes as they beg for food at the dinner table?
  • Chewing. When you leave home are your shoes safe?
  • Taking over the furniture. Your friends may not like it when your dog is climbing all over them as they sit on your couch to relax.
  • Digging. Is your dog a four-legged bulldozer?

You may find some of these behaviors endearing, but if you want to have a well-mannered dog, and a great family pet, you can help your dog stop these frustrating behaviors sooner rather than later.


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