A Foster Diary - Meet Jamie

Meet Jamie and follow along on this special dog foster story from Bark Busters master trainer Jeri Wagner who is chronicling her time as a foster parent.
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A Foster Dog Named Jamie

This is the story about a puppy – a puppy who was found at about five weeks orphaned in a ditch on the side of the road with her two sisters and three brothers. A puppy who, with her siblings, was caught by animal control and brought to the shelter in Corinth-Alcorn County, Mississippi. A puppy who at eight weeks old was put on a transport with her littermates to make a trip to Malvern, Pennsylvania. A puppy who arrived 14 hours later at To Love a Canine (TLC) Rescue in hopes of finding her forever home. Her siblings Janie, Junebug, Jerry, Joshua, and Jake soon did, but Jamie's story is a bit different. 

Special thanks to Bark Busters Home Dog Training's Master Trainer and Behavioral Therepist, Jeri Wagner for chonicling her time with Jamie. 

Over 12 years as a Bark Busters trainer and seven years as TLC’s volunteer behavioral therapist, Jeri has worked with many foster families in several capacities to address challenging behaviors. This, however, is her first experience as a foster parent! 

Her hope is that by sharing her story, with Jamie, she can inspire and assist additional foster families.

Read her Foster Diary!


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