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Every year, more than 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs with 800,000 requiring medical care. Unfortunately, most of the victims are innocent children or senior citizens. As summertime rolls around and more children and dogs are outside, it's important to protect yourself and your family from aggressive or ill-trained dogs.

Even the cutest, most cuddly dog can bite if it is threatened, scared, startled or hungry. Dogs can bite regardless of size or breed.

Just as we warn our children about "stranger danger", it's important to warn them about how or if to approach unfamiliar dogs. Many dog bites are preventable and are caused by dogs the child knows - his or her own pet, a friend's or a neighbors. Here are some tips from Bark Busters Home Dog Training to minimize your chances of being bitten by a dog.

  • Always ask the dog owner if it's okay to pet the dog.
  • Don't turn, scream and run - dogs naturally love to chase and catch things.
  • Stand still. More than likely the dog will determine you are not a threat and go away.
  • Avoid eye contact with the dog.
  • Once the dog loses interest in you, back away slowly until the dog is out of sight.
  • Never leave young children alone with a dog.
  • Don't allow kids to play aggressive games (like wrestling) with dogs and don't let them pull on the dog's tail or ears.
  • Don't let kids discipline dogs.
  • "Let sleeping dogs lie" is a good rule to follow. That goes for a dog that is eating or drinking as well.
  • Mother dogs can be overly protective of their puppies. Be extremely cautious.
  • A dog may be possessive of his space. Do not try and pet a dog through a fence as he may regard this as his personal property and fight to protect it.

On the flip side, if your dog is prone to biting, this can be a serious behavioral issue. Let Bark Busters help you to prevent your dog from biting through our proven behavioral training techniques.


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