Rami the Pit Bull Dachshund Mix In Training As Ambassador For Shelter Dogs

Rami the Pit Bull Dachsund mix is in training with Bark Busters to become an Ambassador for shelter dogs.
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Rami the apparent Pit Bull Dachshund mix made headlines last month when photos and video of this peculiar dog with the unique appearance went viral. Thousands of dog adoption applications poured in to the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society (MCCHS) in Moultrie, GA. However, due to his exposure it was decided that Rami could best serve the plight of homeless animals by acting as an Ambassador for Shelter Dogs everywhere.

Rami will remain at the MCCHS where he will have a special suite, and he will go home with foster dog parents at night and on the weekends. In addition to grooming him for Ambassador duties, because of Rami's love of people, he will begin his dog training endeavors for therapy certification. The canine viral sensation even has his own Facebook Page where he lists his Personal Interests "To help shelter pets everywhere find their FURever home!"...and where he communicated, "I'm going to get the training I need to be a certified therapy dog so I can visit more kids in schools and hospitals and even the elderly in the nursing homes. I have a great life and I'm so excited for my future! Not only do I get the opportunity to carry on my mission to rescue shelter pets, but I get the training I need to work with humans as well! I couldn't have a better life!"

MCCHS hand picked Master Dog Behavioral Therapist & Dog Trainer Leigh Ann Falconer of Bark Busters Home Dog Training in Thomasville, GA to work with Rami and get him the education he needs to fulfill his role as ambassador and his therapy dog certification. Leigh Ann said, "Rami is a beautiful dog - his look and his story make him appealing but it's also important that he learns good behavior so that he can help spread the message about the joy shelter dogs can bring to their dog families. I'll be working with Rami to teach him to be an obedient, well behaved dog, and I'll be educating his caretakers to make sure they understand Rami and do everything necessary to ensure they have a long, happy life together."

You can follow Rami's progress and his work as Shelter Dog Ambassador and Certified Therapy Dog on the Rami Facebook Page, The Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society Facebook Page, and at BarkBusters.com.

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