Sylvia Wilson, COO of Bark Busters Wins 2017 Pet Icon Award

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Sylvia Wilson, COO of Bark Busters Home Dog Training, has been awarded one of the 2017 Pet Age Icon awards for her tireless efforts over the past 28 years of running a company that is largely focused on saving dogs from being euthanized or sent to shelters.

Wilson began her career as manager of an RSCPA shelter for 10 years, determining that too many dogs were sent to shelters because their humans lacked understanding of their needs. She identified that the largest percentage of dogs were surrendered due to the lack of proper dog training, education and due to behavioral issues. Together, she and her husband, Danny Wilson, founded Bark Busters Home Dog Training in Australia in 1989, developing a unique method of dog training that allows pet owners to 'Speak Dog' and establish themselves as 'Leader of the Pack'.

Today, Sylvia and Danny live in San Diego USA and Bark Busters is thelargest in-home dog training company in the world, with professional behavioral therapists in six countries. 'We have successfully trained more than onemillion dogs worldwide and have saved thousands from being euthanized,' says Wilson. 'Too often dogs are abandoned for behaviors that can be corrected through the proper dog training and an understanding of their basic needs. I always remind people that dogs can't speak English, they speak ‘dog' We've developed a communication system where pet parents can effectively communicate with their dog in a language the dog understands and in a way that is simple for the human also.'

'I'm honored to be amongst other esteemed colleagues in winning the 2017 Pet Age Icons Awards,' comments Wilson. 'Saving dogs has been my life's mission and passion, whether they are puppies or adult dogs, for any size, any age, any breed.' Our goal as a company has always been to teach pet parents to see the potential in their caninecompanions and establish a relationship with their dog based on trust, loyalty and respect.'

The Pet Age ICON awards honors pet industry leaders who have shown a long-term commitment to the success of the pet industry based on experience, integrity and leadership. To qualify, a nominee had to meet strict selection criteria that included having at least 20+ years in the pet manufacturing or service Industry.

To find out more about the Pet Age ICON awards, visit the September issue of this prominent pet magazine. 


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