The GameChanger By Bark Busters-An Amazing 'Gamechanger' in the World of Interactive Chew and Treat Toys

With endless hours of fun and stimulation, the GameChanger dog toy can help with behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, overeating, and boredom.
Tips & Advice → The GameChanger By Bark Busters-An Amazing 'Gamechanger' in the World of Interactive Chew and Treat Toys

The Ultimate Interactive Treat Dog Toy

As the world's largest dog training/behavioral company, Bark Busters just introduced The GameChanger™, an ingenious new interactive dog toy that really is a Gamechanger™ compared to many toys currently on the market. It will provide dogs with endless hours of fun, while assisting with behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, destructive behavior, overeating and boredom. The GameChanger™ provides much needed exercise for a dog's mind and body and owners say that it satisfies and tires their dog faster than most other toys they have tried. The GameChanger™ debuted at SuperZoo 2015 to rave reviews from dog owners who tried it with their dogs. It was also chosen by three top pet industry experts, including the well-known celebrity Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank to be featured in the upcoming Fox News special, Best Products of SuperZoo 2015 to air later this year!

The brainchild of Danny Wilson, CEO of Bark Busters International, Danny set out to design and develop the ultimate interactive treat toy for dogs - one that they could chew on, and was safe, durable and able to stimulate dogs both mentally and physically. "The GameChanger™ is not only entertaining, but can help dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and boredom," says Wilson." Our tests to date have shown that even dogs who don't usually play with toys love this toy. Dogs will spend hours flipping the toy over and over to get to the treats inside. Some even take it to bed with them."

"Some dog toys can be hazardous for dogs, either because of the materials they are made of or the size of the holes in the toy," adds Wilson. "The GameChanger™ is designed for safety and is incredibly durable and is made from a high quality, non-toxic polyurethane material that has been proven safe for dogs to chew. This unique material also makes it quiet, so you are not listening to the toy banging on your hardwood floors."

With more than 50 years of experience in dog training and behavioral modification, time and time again Bark Busters sees dogs who have destructive behavioral issues because they are simply bored from the same old routine and spending endless hours alone. The GameChanger™ will help dogs exercise their minds and their bodies.

The GameChanger™ is easy to use. The toy is hand washable, odor resistant and contains no harmful BPAs. A side benefit is the chewing exercise your dog gets which helps promote healthy gums, and is resistant to bacteria, mold and fungus.

The GameChanger™ retails for $29.99 and is available from your local Bark Busters dog trainer or at GlobalDogCompany. It will soon be coming to stores all across the U.S. and Canada. It is available in four vibrant colors and is perfect for dogs of all sizes - small to extra-large.

To see the GameChanger™ in action, view our videos at


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