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Every Dog has Four Basic Needs

At Bark Busters, we believe that every dog has four basic needs. When these needs aren’t being met, misbehavior will likely follow. The four needs are:

  1. Food – the correct type of nutrition.
  2. Shelter – a warm, comfortable place to sleep.
  3. Safety and Leadership – a feeling of security.
  4. Entertainment – mental and physical exercise.

Basic Need #1: Food

All dogs need adequate nutrition to feel fit and healthy. In our experience, we have observed that dogs who eat a high grain diet can become very energetic and overly excitable; some dogs are even allergic to certain grains and can suffer skin reactions and flare-ups. Be sure to research a grain-free diet, free of colors and harmful additives, as well as consult your vet about the best option for your pet.

Basic Need #2: Shelter

Every dog needs a comfortable place to call their own and find some peace and quiet. We often find that dogs with behavioral issues have no designated sleeping area of their own, instead wandering aimlessly around the house and sleeping in several different. Create a warm, covered, den-like space for your dog to sleep – a crate or doghouse with dry, clean bedding is a great choice.

Need #3: Safety and Leadership

Dogs have different ideas of safety and security than humans. Shelter is not enough; they are creatures of habit that need to belong to a strong social group with consistent leadership to feel secure. Learning to Speak Dog the Bark Busters Way can help provide guidance, structure, and consistency for your pet, built on a foundation of love, respect, and great communication.

Need #4: Entertainment

Last (but certainly not least!) is entertainment. While physical activity is always important, dogs of all ages and breeds need activities to occupy their active minds. Treat-dispensing puzzle toys like a Kong will indulge a dog’s natural desire to chew, providing hours of entertainment and stimulation. It may seem counterintuitive, but mental stimulation will tire your canine companion out far quicker than any walk or game of fetch will – and it’s accessible no matter what their age or physical condition.

Meet your dog’s four basic needs, and you will be well on your way to a lifetime of happiness together!


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