Tips for Every Dog - Why Training?

All dogs need some form of training and education. Love is vital to the bond you and your dog share, but on its own and without all the other elements of a strong relationship, your dog won’t feel fully fulfilled.
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Create a Bond Through Training

All dogs need some form of training and education. Love is vital to the bond you and your dog share, but on its own and without all the other elements of a strong relationship, your dog won’t feel fully fulfilled. Effective communication between humans and canines, built on a foundation of respect and compassion, allows us to keep our dogs safe.

Facts on Canine Education and Obedience Training

All dogs, wild and domesticated, have an internal code of conduct. It’s in their DNA! They receive early education and canine training while in the litter, according to the laws of dog. There is structure and a pecking order to their families, or packs. Should they stay with their canine family, they would receive an ongoing education as to proper behavior.

When they are adopted at an early age and come to live with humans, however, their education is generally halted. The puppy is now living in an alien world, with dramatically different rules than what they were beginning to learn. Rather than the laws of dog, they must learn the laws of humans.

When adopting a puppy or dog, their behavioral education must be carried on after they leave the litter. It is less stressful for your dog if they receive the same type of education they were learning from their canine mom. It’s generally the lack of obedience training and canine education at the early stages of development that sees many dogs surrendered to animal shelters and rescues. Humans have the responsibility to ensure they carry on their dog’s education, just as they would educate their own children about human behavior.

Our Methodology

Dogs have similar needs to young children. They need structure in their life; they need to know their position in the family group; they need to feel safe, secure, and nurtured. To do so, they need education. Learning to Speak Dog the Bark Busters Way helps your canine companion learn and reinforces the lessons, so they stick over time. We teach humans to Speak Dog, acting as the canine interpreter to unlock the secrets to speaking and understanding their language – helping you to navigate your way to a happier relationship together.

If your dog was in the wild, its mother and the other dogs in the pack would have educated them, canine-style, and in accordance with canine values. A canine mother lets her puppies know when they are out of line using a soft low growl; she knows instinctively that they need to be educated in the way of the canine, and that they need boundaries set for them.

There is sometimes a disconnect when a puppy is adopted by humans. The puppy has to learn human rules and a human language. This is a complete cultural change for the puppy. Humans discourage barking, for example, especially if they live in an apartment or condo with shared walls. They don’t want their dog toileting inside; nor do they like them scratching or biting the children or chewing their furniture. Sometimes there are no rules at all – and that is very confusing to a dog, who craves and is used to structure, and begins its life in an environment full of it.

Humans tend to think that dogs understand our language, but this is a major cause of the breakdown in the relationship. We may think our dog is disobedient, when in fact they simply do not understand our language or desires. While dogs do eventually learn human language – for example, beginning to follow a word or a set of words, or an action that leads to a nice outcome, like receiving a treat – that doesn’t mean the dog understands every word we say.

When you learn to Speak Dog the Bark Busters Way, you learn to communicate with your dog in a language they understand – and build a lifelong relationship on a foundation of love and respect. Contact your local Bark Busters trainer today to get started.


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