January is National Train Your Dog Month!

Bark Busters knows the benefits of dog training are far beyond sit and stay! Learn more about the importance of dog training!
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Many people believe that dog training is just about the basics: SIT! STAY! (and a few other simple and straightforward commands, or tricks.) 

Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. The number of dogs surrendered to shelters each day proves as evidence.

The benefits of dog training are far beyond sit and stay. It's the essence of how dogs and humans happily interact with each other. Some of the benefits of dog training include:

Establishing Pack Leadership: Dogs by nature are social, pack animals. In nature, each pack has a leader, an individual who makes decisions for the safety of all pack members. Amongst wolves, this is referred to as the "alpha."  The alpha displays strong leadership skills and establishes a relationship based on respect and trust. Dogs do not understand English. We must learn to communicate with dogs in a language  they can understand. At Bark Busters we accomplish this using vocal tones and body language, never resorting to inhumane punishment or shock or prong collars. Instead, we teach you to establish yourself as a strong, clear pack leader right from the start. If you don't assume this role, the dog will quickly become confused about who is leading who.

Teaching Life Skills and Socialization: Dogs need to learn how to live successfully both inside and outside your home. You want your dog to fit in successfully with your family and lifestyle and get used to other dogs, humans, sounds and noises, and other external stimulus. You want your dog to feel secure in all sorts of situations!

Keeping Your Dog Safe: Training gives an owner the control to prevent many tragedies. Should your dog slip out of his collar on a busy road, a command to "heel" or "come" should bring him right back when it is safe. Or should someone accidentally leave the front door or gate open, and you spot your dog escaping, he can be safely called back to you using the recall command.  And for those dogs that may need to be re-homed because of the death of an owner, a trained dog is far easier to adopt out to a new home than an untrained one.

Reducing Stress: Remember that a well-trained dog is a happier dog! Your dog wants to please you but many times doesn't know how without the proper coaching and guidance. Dogs who are trained know what is expected of them, have fewer restrictions, and are less stressed because you are communicating in a language your dog understands.

Overcoming Problem Behaviors: Many dogs bark uncontrollably, jump all over guests at the front door, or get anxious when owners leave. Other dogs can be jealous of fellow canine or cats in the home or can act aggressively when feeling threatened. These are behavioral issues that are best handled by a professional who has successfully taught dogs and their owners how best to handle these situations. A trained dog leaves guests alone when they are eating, does not jump on guests, and walks alongside you versus pulling you along. Training your dog will make him feel more comfortable and secure. The proper training can help you to turn around any problem behaviors without force or fear.

A well-behaved, trained dog is a pleasurable companion because he/she can go virtually anywhere without being a risk or nuisance to others. What we as dog owners want is a dog who acts appropriately in a crowd, has good manners when we have guests, is reliable around children, and doesn't threaten other dogs or passers-by. Bark Busters dog trainers can give you all that and more!


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