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Nana A.
4 years ago — Austin, TX

Photo of Lexi Since Lexi is a American Staffordshire Terrier, it was very help to know that Damon is very knowledgeable about breed.
Damon was able to identify the good and bad things that I was doing which made it much easier for me to figure out what
I needed to work on between myself and my dog. Also, he was able to show how to be a leader toward my dog and got
immediate results right afterwards. I like how the training resembled how dogs command respect and leadership from each
other like how a mother commands respect and obedience to her pups.

I am happy that Damon was very welcoming to any questions or concerns that I had and how responsive he was when
answering them. I hope to continue our relationship with making me a great packleader and make Lexi the best and happy
dog she can be.

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Trainer Note:
Super fun family! I look forward to our next visit!