Introduction to Bark Busters

Why Bark Busters is 'a better way to a better dog'

Written Guarantee

The Bark Busters worldwide home dog training service guarantee is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind. Find out more

Sharing your life with a dog is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences you can have. Unfortunately, the challenges of training your best friend can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are a few reasons why Bark Busters is 'a better way to a better dog' ...


We Speak Dog!

Most behavior problems stem from the miscommunication between dog and human. Dogs often are completely confused by what we want them from them. They get frightened, anxious, and sometimes act out. At the same time, the humans get frustrated that our dogs 'aren't listening'. No one is having fun.

The solution is to get everyone speaking the same language. That is why Bark Busters trainers deliver results quicker than most. Our methods are based on the same communication methods, voice tone and body language, that dogs follow instinctively. We teach you to speak dog. It is really common sense: when you speak your dog's language, he or she will understand you better.

This natural and dog friendly approach develops a positive relationship and lasting emotional bond between guardian and dog based on respect and trust. There is no need for harsh punishment, nor for bribing with a constant stream of treats. Bark Busters dogs are motivated by your praise. What better reward is there?


We Come To You!

Dogs learn best in their own environment, without the distractions other dogs present. This is particularly true for dog reactive dogs. It is best to build a solid foundation with small distractions and build from there.

We also recognize people are busy and we want to provide the most time efficient program and fit in with your schedule.


We Customize Our Program For You and Your Dog's Unique Needs & Goals

Bark Busters recognizes that each dog is unique, each family is unique, and every environment is unique. What works in one situation likely won't work in another. One size fits all does not work when it comes to your dog. Your Bark Busters trainer will assess the situation and develop a plan that works most effectively for your dog and the results you want.


34 Years, 7 Countries, 1 million Dogs

Bark Busters has been helping families with their dogs' behavior for over 34 years. Now operating in 7 countries, we have had the privilege to work with over 1 million dogs over those years.


Our Life of Dog Support Guarantee

We believe wholeheartedly in our methods which is why we back them up with a Life of Dog Support Guarantee. As long as you are following the prescribed plan, our behavior therapists will return free of charge at any point in your dog’s life if problems reoccur or even if a new one emerges. We give you the peace of mind that the problem will be fixed quickly, and will stay fixed. For full details see this link: Guarantee of Lifetime Support.


Highly Trained Team of Dog Trainers and Dog Behavioral Therapists Supported by Our International Team of Experts

Bark Busters Dog Trainers and Dog Behavior Therapists are among the top dog behavioral professionals in the United States. All Bark Busters trainers are personally trained by Bark Busters Director of Training. They are also supported by our Founders, Danny and Sylvia Wilson and our Head Trainer for Bark Busters International. This is a rigorous and intensive program involving classroom study, observation, advanced dog handling, practical advanced behavior problem solving, and written, oral, and practical testing. This is all done face-to-face (unlike many training schools that are correspondence, video, online, or webinar-based). We hold ourselves to a very high standard, and only when we know our students have met our standards are they permitted to operate as a Bark Busters Behavior Therapists and Dog Trainers. Their training is continually upgraded and their performance monitored by our Head Office.

In the situation where a trainer runs into a particularly challenging case, they have at their disposal the knowledge base of our head office, the over 125 trainers in Bark Busters USA, and the 390 Bark Busters trainers around the world. This immense resource means we will always do our best to find a solution for even the most difficult cases.