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Sheri Greenberger
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Servicing: Allegan, Allendale, Bailey, Bangor, Baroda, Benton Harbor, Berrien Center, Berrien Springs, Bridgman, Buchanan, Coloma, Coopersville, Covert, Decatur, Douglas, Dowagiac, Eau Claire, Fennville, Ferrysburg, Fremont, Fruitport, Galien, Glenn, Grand Haven, Grand Junction, Grant, Hamilton, Hart, Hartford, Hesperia, Holland, Holton, Hudsonville, Jamestown, Jenison, Kendall, Lawrence, Lawton, Ludington, Macatawa, Martin, Mattawan, Mears, Montague, Muskegon, New Buffalo, New Era, New Troy, Newaygo, Niles, Nunica, Oshtemo, Pentwater, Plainwell, Pullman, Ravenna, Rothbury, Saint Joseph, Saugatuck, Sawyer, Shelby, Sodus, South Haven, Spring Lake, Stevensville, Three Oaks, Twin Lake, Union Pier, Watervliet, West Olive, Whitehall, Zeeland


Best Dog Training in West Michigan!

I speak dog! Bark Busters is the worldwide leader of in-home dog training. For the past 30 years, we have trained more than 1 million dogs and their pet parents using our natural communication techiques that dogs understand.  We apply the same communication methods, using body language and voice controls, that dogs instinctively follow.

As a Bark Busters master trainer and behavorial therapist, I resolve your most challenging dog behavior issues, like aggression, destruction, separation anxiety, sibling rivarly. 

I also deal with basic dog obedience and nuisance issues like barking, jumping and more. I teach and train puppy obedience so that you and your dog grow together with the tools you need!  The best is that I do all of this in the comfort of your own home where you and your dog are most comfortable and will learn quickly and effectively.

Any age, any issue, any breed, I will partner with you to help you live a happier life together with your dog! 

I have been a Bark Busters Master Dog Trainer and Dog Behavorial Therapist for more than 15 years, and it's the best job I've ever had.  Contact me today to learn more! 

My Story

My dog Sparky was a nine-year-old Welsh Terrier when we went to Bark Buster training together in 2003. I wanted to become a dog trainer and Sparky needed help with two major dog behavior issues – barking and fear and aggression with other dogs.

We arrived in Colorado and stayed in a hotel with lots of good stuff to bark at. There were also 14 other dogs in our class; a lot of obstacles to work through with Sparky! He was a great challenge for me and the other trainers attending the class. As we humans gained knowledge of the canine world and learned new skills for communicating and educating our dogs, I was able to help him on the path to becoming a better canine citizen.

Barking – Sparky would stop with one correction and come running to me for praise, a huge accomplishment! When we were walking and we saw another dog, he no longer went "ballistic" but we still had work to do. After six more months he reached the point where he would ignore the other dogs. Sparky never got to the point where he would play with other dogs but now he was well behaved around them.

I said goodbye to Sparky in September 2009. He was 15 years old and my best buddy.

I knew I wanted to get another dog fairly quickly and I wanted to “rescue” one. In November, I met with a family that had given up on their new puppy, a six month old Cairn Terrier. I renamed him Moxie and brought him home. At this young age he already had a laundry list of problems. He had a multi-person bite record and felt the need to guard just about anything. Somehow he had acquired a hatred of towels, and he was very protective of his body being touched. Oh – and he had the worst dreams with growling and snapping. I had a good friend tell me I had made a mistake thinking I could fix a dog with these issues.

After applying my training and training techniques with Moxie, now Moxie does not have problems with towels and does not feel the need to guard everything. Knowing he is grumpy when he wakes up, I give him the time he needs to fully wake up (we all know someone like that!). His bad dreams also seemed to occur less often. After seeing the changes, my friend said to me– “Amazing, I cannot believe the change it that dog. I thought he was a lost cause and now he is a great dog!”

Happy Dogs = Happy Families

Over the years, I continue to learn and improve as both a dog trainer and as a dog owner! Let me help you become a better dog owner. Dog training is about communication – if “No” worked, no one would need a dog trainer! I come to your home, where the issues occur, and teach you simple and effective ways to better communicate with your dog. You will see a change in your dog at the first lesson. Bark Busters training is personalized to fit your household and needs. You will enjoy learning how to communicate with your canine, and seeing your dog respond to the training is rewarding and encouraging. Build your relationship with your dog based on love, trust and respect. Have a calm and relaxed home. Learn to #SpeakDog and transform your life.

For even more information, please visit my personal Bark Busters dog training website!

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