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Dina D
Dina D Holtstville, New York | February 12 2021
We had one lesson only with Jason Molfetto. I am so surprised at how quickly my 7 month old puppy, Tilly, is adapting to the techniques that Jason taught us. By the end of the night she was more exhausted than I have ever seen her. He was professional, friendly, and very knowledgable. We have been doing our "homework" each day and Tilly is listening better than ever. She is even starting to lay in her crate herself, something she would never do until Jason showed us how to have her adapt. I highly recommend Bark Busters and if you live on Long Island, highly recommend Jason. I hope we don't need any follow up classes, but if I do, I would definitely call Jason again. Permalink
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Kristin N Huntington, Suffolk, New York | November 16 2019
I cannot say enough positive things about Jason. He was kind, professional and understanding. I didn't think anyone would be able to help us solve the issues with our dog, but within minutes Jason had already helped us resolve one of the main issues - incessant barking. Our jaws literally dropped! It was like magic. Jason took the time to listen to our concerns and gave us the tools to train our dog. He was patient with us as we tried the techniques and encouraged us along the way. After all, most of dog training is training the human. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone! Permalink
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Jeanmarie W
Jeanmarie W Ronkonkoma, Suffolk, New York | August 02 2019
Jason was so helpful and reassuring when we had some issues with our dogs. His calm manner combined with his knowledge and experience was invaluable and helped us to successfully resolve the issues. Jason provided the tools and exercises we needed to learn and practice moving forward. I highly recommend Jason's services; the investment is worthwhile! Permalink
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Clorinda B
Clorinda B Moriches, New York | March 05 2019
I adopted a rescue dog. The dog I chose never had a "human". She was two years old and only knew life in multiple shelters starting in GA and she was heart worm positive. And when I saw her, I knew she was "the one". Due to lack of structure in her life, she had issues which I knew had to be addressed and corrected. I decided to get some training help. I did my work, read reviews, called to get a "feel" for the training method. I decided on Bark Busters. My initial phone call was in-depth, and I set up an appointment. I have only good things to say about Jason Molfetto. He is the "dog whisperer" as far as I am concerned. The training Snookie received, instructions for me, "homework" worked between visits worked wonders. Snookie has come a very long way with the issues that had to be addressed. From no eye contact, cowering, fearing sudden movements, and various other issues, she is a better dog for the training we both received from Bark Busters/Jason Molfetto. I highly recommend Bark Busters and Jason's training. Permalink
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Trainer note from Jason : It only helped that Snookie has a lucky, loving and compassionate owner like you! Keep up the good work.
Clorinda B
Clorinda B Moriches, New York | February 19 2019
Before I continue w/my day, I want to say thank you so much for all the intensive one-on-one training w/Snookie. I've used every "tool" and method you gave me to help Snookie be the dog she is today. Snookie is actually playing with stuffed squeaky toys (small squirrels). Only took a year for her to know what a toy is. Considering I'm her first "human" (outside of the two shelters she was in from birth until I adopted her), she's really come a long way. She's a loving, affectionate, pet. She has my mother wrapped around her paws. More importantly, Snookie knows what "BAH" means - on the occasions I've had to use it. And I want to thank you for your help with her digestive issues. Changing her food over to Canidae - Under The Sun White Fish and the probiotic added to her food has made a world of difference. The best call I made was to Bark Busters and the "Dog Whisperer" came to the rescue. Thanks again for all your help, understanding of the "household dynamics" I was facing at the time and how to make sure Snookie knew her place in the "pack". Without your help, I don't think "we" could have come this far. During the time my aunt was in hospice care, Snookie was included in the visits to the facility and the results were amazing. I was actually asked by the staff if she was a certified therapy dog. I told them "The Story of Snookie" and they were in awe. I owe this all to Jason Molfetto/Bark Busters and the training, "'homework" assigned between visits. And Jason was always a phone call away if a question arose. Snookie was born in a shelter in GA, then transported to the shelter where I saw she was up for adoption. She was two years old and two years of her life was in a shelter. She needed a chance to thrive in a forever home. When I went to the shelter and met her in person, it was just meant to be. I looked into her eyes, she came to me and crawled into my lap. I knew she and I were meant to be "forever". And I have Jason to thank. Permalink
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Jack G Patchogue, Suffolk, New York | December 02 2018
great job Permalink
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LISA & ANTHONY G Manorville, Suffolk, New York | August 30 2018
We were paired up with Jason for training our spunky, diva of a dog Kallie from our vet’s office. Kallie completed her puppy training at Petco and knew the basics (sit, down, stay and come), but we really needed to work on her overactive behavior. I wouldn’t say she was out of control, but she would seek attention in any way she could. Jason came to our home and observed Kallie, asked us several questions and almost instantly, he knew how to correct her behavior. By continuing her training consistently between sessions, Kallie thrived with her training and is now a completely different dog. She recently underwent leg surgery in which her commands to sit, stay and most importantly “leave it” were most useful. Without her training, her recovery would have been significantly harder for everyone. I can’t thank Jason enough for the support he offered us. He’s clear, concise and does not leave you with any questions. Hands down, the best!! Permalink
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Trainer note from Jason : Kallie is a great dog with loving and motivated parents. Keep up the great work!
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Tracy J Mattituck, New York | July 25 2018
I contacted Barkbusters and Jason when I was over the edge with my new puppy. He wouldn’t stay in his crate and would cry and howl. It was killing me and I hadn’t slept in days. First, about Jason... he is amazing! Talks to you. Doesn’t make you feel bad about what’s going on. Doesn’t judge you. Plus he’s funny! Next... about Barkbusters technique. It’s amazing! I have a smarter breed, a Newfiedoodle- Newfoundland and poodle mix. Ollie got it right away. I like how Jason made me do everything. He showed, then made me do... doesn’t help me if my dog listens to the trainer! By the time Jason left after our first session.. Ollie was calm in the crate... and I slept last night with him in the crate!!! Amazing! I’ve already recommended Jason and Barkbusters to a friend that’s looking at puppies! Highly recommend!!! Permalink
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Tina M Mt. Sinai, New York | March 05 2018
After meeting with Jason, discussing our concerns, and following through with his suggested techniques we have seen a remarkable change in our dog Zeus. He no longer begs at the table, jumps on our guests, whines in his cage and is learning to walk on a leash properly. It has been an amazing turn around just after one visit. Jason took the time to teach both me and my child the proper ways to encourage our dog to behave correctly. We could not have done this without Jason's help. He comes with our highest recommendations. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety
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Steven & JeanMarie I Ronkonkoma, New York | December 15 2017
Our 3 year old English Bulldog began to show signs of aggression and defiance. In our first session with Jason Molfetto, we were at ease because of his patience, knowledge, and innate ability to teach us simple training skills... which made all of the difference in our house! We immediately saw an improvement in our fur baby and are continuously developing our skills through Jason's guidance in each subsequent session. My husband and I are confident in our decision to make the investment in Barkbusters and recommend Jason. He is the true Dog Whisperer! Permalink
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