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Is Your Dog Afraid?

Many behaviors like excessive barking and separation anxiety can stem from fears. Observe your dog closely for these signs. read more…

Helping A Dog Who Has Lost a Friend

Losing a dog can be hard on humans, but the same applies to your other dogs as well. Bark Busters offers some tips to help with your remaining dog.  read more…

April Dog Holidays

April Dog Holidays

Here are April 2018 dog holidays you don't want to miss! read more…

Does Your Dog Nose It All?

Does Your Dog Nose It All?

Wonder why your dog is always sniffing around? Bark Busters gives you the answers! read more…

Will Dog Training Break Your Dog's Spirit?

Will Dog Training Break Your Dog's Spirit?

Many dog owners worry that dog training will change their dog's personality ... Bark Busters assures you it does not! read more…

Dogs Teaching Dogs

Who is the best teacher for dogs besides dog trainer? Other dogs, of course. read more…

The Difference Between Loving & Spoiling Your Dog

You can spoil your dog to its own demise!  read more…

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