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Why Retractable Leashes Can Be Dangerous

If you have a retractable leash, it can be very dangerous when walking your dog. read more…

Preparing Your Dog For a Trip to the Vet

Like many of us, dogs don't like to go to the "doctor".  Bark Busters will help you make it as stress-free as possible. read more…

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy For Life

Are you doing everything possible to keep your dog healthy and happy? With October being "Pet Wellness Month", spending time with your dog and providing a healthy lifestyle are key to your dog's longevity. read more…

A Back-to-School Quiz About Dogs

A Back-to-School Quiz About Dogs

As the kids head back to school, it's important we keep them safe from unfamiliar dogs and dog bites. read more…

Why Choosing The Right Dog For Your Family Is Critical

Why Choosing The Right Dog For Your Family Is Critical

Thinking about getting a new dog? Make this decision carefully because it is a decision you will live with for the next 10+ years. read more…

Great Apps for Dog Owners

You probably stay up-to-date on technology for yourself, but here are some great apps for your dogs as well! read more…

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