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  • Chris A.
    9 years ago — Frederick, MD

    Photo of Bishop In July 2014 my wife and I rescued Bishop, a 3 month old Treeing Walker Coonhound. While we had trained our previous dog with no issue, we were struggling to train our new puppy. After a few weeks of making no progress with obedience training, leash walking, and interacting with new people & dogs we considered taking the dog back to the rescue; however a friend recommended we try Bark Busters first. We noticed immediate improvement without our dog after the first training session with Bark Busters.

    The Bark Busters approach of understanding dog behavior lays a great foundation for obedience training and addition to dog/dog and dog/human interactions. The strategies we have learned have also helped our dog to learn other commands and tricks much easier.

    The Bark Busters trainers John & Maxine are great to work with. It is very obvious that they genuinely care for each dog they train and want to see it succeed. In addition to scheduled training sessions, we appreciated those availability over the phone and email to answer training questions as they arose between sessions.

    I would unquestionably recommend Bark Busters for anyone with dog training questions and issues. My wife and I credit John, Maxine, and Bark Busters with our wonderfully behaved dog.

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  • Susan N.
    9 years ago — Middletown, MD

    I have been very pleased with the instruction that I am receiving from John and Maxine of BarkBusters. John has been to our home on several occasions and his methods are easy to follow and work! Our two little dogs barked at almost everything, from people coming to the door to noises outside. With John's help, the barking is almost non-existent. He does not use shocking devices or negative words. All of the training is of a positive nature and mostly controlled by the tone of my voice. I would recommend John and Maxine very highly. If they can help our dogs, they can help any dogs.

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  • Donna S.
    11 years ago — Brunswick, MD

    What great training I received from John and Maxine. I really learnt a lot about how to deal with my dog Buddy. They are great to work with and are super nice people. If you have a trouble dog be sure to call them. It is really worth the money, they love and understand dogs and really help you learn how to do it yourself. thanks again to Maxine and John and making my life and Buddys' so much better.

  • Anonymous
    11 years ago — Comment by on Frederick County, Maryland

    We hired Maxine and John to help us with our older dog, Bailey, we had adopted from a shelter approx. 6 months prior. These two were a last ditch effort on our part to keep Bailey because his bad habits were so difficult to live with! The change that took place in Bailey was unimaginable. It's been 3 years now since we did the training and we've never been more thankful. Bailey has been the best dog anyone could ever ask for! He's getting older now and we don't know how much longer we're going to have our buddy- but, we are just so grateful for Maxine and John in helping us get to know the real Bailey:) Thank you!!!

  • Anonymous
    12 years ago — Comment by on Frederick County, Maryland

    We are first time dog owners and I don't know what we would have done without Maxine and John. When we first got Charlie I could not sit down because he was always chewing me. After our first meeting I actually sat on the couch and ate a bowl of chips without being attacked. Their methods are really good for teaching us to be the leader of the pack. Also, they are available by phone and e-mail between visits to address any questions or problems.

  • Anonymous
    13 years ago — Comment by on Frederick County, Maryland

    Wow, is all i can say.. thanks to Maxine and Jon, Matilda is a great dog.. when they first met her she was acting a fool.. chasing the cats pulling me on walks, just being a dog without rules. Now I run the house and have no problems with her.. Its great to be able to walk her and not be walked by her.They are great always there with tips that work.. thank you so much for making Matilda a part of this family...

  • Anonymous
    14 years ago — Comment by on Frederick County, Maryland

    Our home used to be run by the dogs. Escaping, incessant barking, little to no control inside or outside our home. Maxine and John came often, outfitted us with the tools, both equipment-wise and mental tools, on how to treat our assortment of canines, all with kindness and patience. After a couple of months, inappropriate pacing and barking, attention-getting behaviors, and the dogs running our home has changed to a well-adjusted group of dogs which are now cooperative, compliant, quiet, and extraordinarily happy. Our relationship with our pets is positive and completely enjoyable. I can't thank them enough.

  • Anonymous
    15 years ago — Comment by on Frederick County, Maryland

    My dogs, a beagle and a Jack Russell, barked constantly. After Maxine and John came to visit my neighbors thought I had gotten rid of the dogs! I have been lax in my training. John and Maxine are really ready to come to my aid again. I could not ask for more from a company. It is so good to know they are there to help.

  • Anonymous
    16 years ago — Comment by on Frederick County, Maryland

    After previous disappointments with treat training, along with the fact that there is no punishment involved, we are very excited to see this process working! We're very impressed with the knowledge that these trainers possess. The natural way makes sense!

  • Anonymous
    16 years ago — Comment by on Frederick County, Maryland

    Trainers were very effective and my dog responded well and immediately