10 Reasons Why I Love Boston Terriers by Nicole Martel

Read the top ten reasons why Bark Busters expert dog trainer Nicole Martel loves our featured breed, the Boston Terrier!
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We love Boston Terriers! Who doesn't with their tuxedo coat and trademark eyes

Top ten reasons why Bark Busters expert dog trainer and behavior therapist, Nicole Martel, loves this breed:

  1.  Boston Terriers always dress to impress. You may have noticed they never go out without their “tuxedo jackets.”
  2.  Boston Terriers are bright, curious, and always ready to investigate something new in their environment. You will observe their classic “head tilt” as they puzzle their way through the latest exciting feature of their surroundings.
  3.  Boston Terriers are energetic little dogs with plenty of pep in their step. They walk with a happy gait, whether it is a sniff-filled roam around the yard or a jaunt about town.
  4.  Boston Terriers provide a symphony of sounds for their humans to enjoy… snorts, sniffles, and snores abound!
  5.  Boston Terriers are outstanding providers of comic relief. If you have a Boston Terrier, there will be no shortage of laughing at her madcap antics (and occasional good-hearted mischief)!
  6.  Boston Terriers have an abundance of personality in a small package. Equally abundant is their love of packing their compact bodies into tight spaces, which might include sitting or lying right on top of other canine siblings!
  7.  Boston Terriers love to have fun: whether it’s a play date with other short-nosed friends, a romp with a ball in the yard, or a quick sprint after a rabbit or squirrel, they are all in for any kind of activity.
  8.  Boston Terriers enjoy humans – and not just their owners. They will say hello to anyone who might notice their flat-nosed charm on a walk through a park or a window-shopping stroll through town.
  9.  Boston Terriers know how to relax. After a fun-filled day, a Boston terrier always has time for a good nap on the lap of his favorite human, curled up tightly under a blanket in his bed, or with four paws up in the air, snoring like there’s no tomorrow.
  10.  Boston Terriers have soulful eyes and hearts of gold. They are loyal, spirited companions who enjoy the company of their humans and each other and spread joy to anyone they meet.

Thanks, Nicole! We sure do love this breed! Click here to read more about Boston Terriers, this month's Featured Breed.

Find out more about Nicole Martel, U.S. Therapist/Trainer of the Year in 2018 and Owner of Bark Busters Westchester, servicing Westchester County, Putnam County, and the Bronx.

Read what Amanda, M., from White Plains, NY, says about Nicole and Boston Terriers:

"I have a pack of three Boston Terriers (ages 1, 3, and 4) that I desperately needed to teach better manners when it came to "charging" the front door, jumping onto the couch, and not pulling while on the leash. In searching online for local in home trainers, Nicole's name came up. On top of her bios and other professional write ups, it was the other happy customer reviews I read over that sold me on the idea that I needed to reach out to Nicole.

Before even meeting her, I got the vibe that Nicole was the "real deal" and was excited to see what techniques she would be bringing to the table to help me with my pack. Nicole worked with 1 dog at a time until they mastered the concept, then we practiced the skill with all 3 dogs at once. Making adjustments to my body language, voice tone, and wording had me speaking dog, which had my dogs quickly realize the charging, jumping, and pulling behaviors are no longer acceptable.

With every tool or technique tried, Nicole gave me an explanation as to why she was having me say and do things in the particular manor she was demonstrating, which was much appreciated. Knowing why I'm doing something is just as important as understanding how to do it. During this process, I was most impressed with Nicole's ability to teach my deaf high energy puppy the same expectations and skills that the other two were learning.

Having her own deaf dog has lead her to be very knowledgeable about best practices and techniques. However, I am confident that if Nicole didn't have prior experience with a deaf dog, or any dog with special needs, she would have taken the time to educate herself prior to coming to the lesson and come prepared with several tools/ techniques available to find the most successful one. From beginning to end, Nicole's demeanor towards myself and my dogs was nothing short of professional. She didn't leave any questions unanswered or apprehensions unaddressed. It is clear that Nicole is truly passionate about what she does and that it isn't "just a job" for her. Since our lesson, Nicole has reached out to check in on our progress and is always responsive to emails with questions/ concerns that have arose with helpful information and reminders. I would recommend Nicole to anyone!!!!!"


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