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Meet Melissa & Zeus

Read Melissa's story and learn about her healing after a vicious dog attack, thanks to Zeus, her chocolate lab, and the help of training by Bark Busters!

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Are you Prepared?

Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are regular occurrences around the world. These unexpected events can cause chaos and confusion in communities – especially when an evacuation is required.

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Business as Usual: A Guide to Returning to a Normal Schedule with Your Dog

More family time at home can be a joy for humans and pups alike: it means more pets, more playtime, and more attention and activities throughout the day with our four-legged friends. Unfortunately, negative behaviors can quickly surface if we humans abruptly leave our dogs alone or crated more often as we return to our normal routines. A little preparation, however, can avoid or mitigate potential issues and keep the good vibes going when your schedule shifts.

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A Foster Diary - Meet Jamie

This is the story about a puppy – a puppy who was found at about five weeks orphaned in a ditch on the side of the road with her two…

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How to Foster a Dog

Becoming a foster parent to a lucky dog is one of the most rewarding and enlightening experiences a dog lover can have. Foster parents play a valuable role in easing the burden placed on shelters while providing a safe environment, full of love and attention, until the special pups find their forever homes.

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Where’d Everybody Go? – How to Avoid Separation Anxiety for Your Dog

Spending time away from your dog while home may be difficult – we love our canine companions as much as they love us! 

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An Adoption Diary

Joanne Rice is a Canine Behavioral Therapist and Master Trainer with Bark Busters Home Dog Training. She agreed to chronicle her dog adoption experience as she and her husband adopt a new dog into their family.

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Updated Letter From Our CEO

Updated Safety Measures and Support Resources Available

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How to Adopt a Dog for the Long Haul

Nothing warms an animal lover’s heart like an empty shelter – it means pets have been adopted into happy homes, full of love, warmth, and attention. Recent events have led to an encouraging uptick in adoptions around the country, but I can’t help but wonder – did they really go to their “furever” homes? Or just their “until things return to normal” homes?

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Family Time, All the Time

Recent events have led to a sudden rise in at-home time for all family members – including the four-legged ones! Moving work, school, and other responsibilities into our homes means navigating new distractions and tackling unique challenges for canines and humans. Luckily, we’ve learned a thing or two over our 30-plus years working with dogs to help pet owners manage the current situation – and even have some fun doing it!

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