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Pit Bull Terrier

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Breed Traits and Characteristics

According to Dogtime.com, here are some breed characteristic you can find in Pit Bull Terriers. 


  • Height

    17-19 inches

  • Weight

    30-85 pounds

  • Life Expectancy

    12-16 years

  • Coat Type/Length


  • 100 Affectionate with Family
  • 100 good with young children
  • 20 good with other dogs
  • 80 trainability level
  • 80 energy level
  • 60 barking level
  • 80 shedding level
  • 20 drooling level


The American Pit Bull Terrier originates in Europe, where English, Irish, and Scottish breeders began crossing Bulldogs and Terriers for blood sports, including bull and bear baiting. The Pit Bull needed strength, determination, formidability, fearlessness, agility, and tenacity – all of which became characteristic of the breed.

Immigrants brought the Pit Bull to the United States, where farmers and ranchers harnessed its many talents for use around their properties. The breed’s sweet, loving way around people did not go unnoticed, and farmers began bringing Pit Bull Terriers into their home, where they became “nanny dogs” because of their gentleness around children.

The Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a purebred breed recognized by the United Kennel Club and American Dog Breeders Association, but not the American Kennel Club (who instead recognize the similar American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier). They are medium-sized, solidly built, and highly intelligent shorthair dogs, full of strength, confidence, and enthusiasm.

American Pit Bull Terriers are highly adaptable but do require proper socialization and education because of their power and varying levels of aggression towards other dogs. This trait rarely extends to humans, however, and their loyalty, stability, and love of children makes them an extremely popular family dog.

Pit Bull Terrier Breed Facts

Physical Characteristics

The Pit Bull we know today combines characteristics of several purebred breeds, including the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Bully, and the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. There are also several breeds in possession of shared characteristics that shelters will sometimes categorize as “Pit Bull-type” dogs or label as Pit Bulls: Staffordshire Terriers, Boxers, Rottweilers, Bulldogs, and more.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is medium-sized, solidly built, and possesses a smooth, well-defined musculature. The United Kennel Club guidelines specify a broad, flat skull and wide, deep muzzle, along with a relatively short tail and small- to medium-sized ears. On average, the breed is more prone to hip dysplasia, but breeding has helped mitigate the problem.

Personality & Temperament

Pit Bulls are confident, outgoing, and love life. These loyal, trustworthy dogs are perfectly content to laze about, but will have bursts of energy when it’s time for a toy, walk, or other activities with their families. Their zeal and desire to please is contagious, and they are great around children – their love of humans, however, means they are not a great choice as guard dogs!

Because of the breed’s agility and intelligence, Pit Bull owners should have proper fencing at home to avoid any acrobatic escapes. The breed can also be aggressive towards other dogs, so early, consistent training is a must to avoid future behavioral issues at home or out and about.

Breed Traits


  • Terrier Group


  • Blue, Black, Blue & White, Tan & White, White with Blue or Black spots, White, Backskin (soft fawn color)


  • Medium
  • Height: 18-21 inches (male), 17-20 inches (female)
  • Weight: 35-60 pounds (male), 30-50 pounds (female)

Other Traits

  • Large, broad head in proportion to body size
  • High set ears

Life Expectancy

  • The American Pit Bull Terrier has a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years.

Training Your Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bulls have never been known to walk away from a fight, but the generally won’t start one. It is important to socialize them properly from an early age to avoid behavioral issues. It is best to allow your Pit Bull puppy to mature, then introduce them to dogs of similar age and energy levels. Start first with family members, then calm, non-aggressive neighbor dogs before going to the dog park.

Pit Bulls typically take an upfront, confident approach towards interactions with other dogs that can frighten more timid ones. Teaching your Pit Bull to remain calm around other dogs and not rush the introduction can pay real dividends.

Pit Bulls generally have few breed-specific health issues.

Pit Bulls are very intelligent and love to play, so entertainment is a must to eliminate over-exuberance, chewing, and destructive behavior. Balls or puzzle toys stimulate a dog’s natural desire to chew and can keep them amused.

All dogs need a special place to call their own. By selecting a place for yours to eat and sleep away from high traffic areas of your home, you can set good habits early in its life.

Prevention is far more preferable to a cure – early basic obedience training is vitally important to ensure your Pit Bull understands and follows your rules.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Pit Bull, it is important to source from a responsible breeder who is breeding for not only looks, but health and temperament as well. Rescues are also great options for prospective Pit Bull owners. Contact your local Bark Busters trainer today to learn about great breeders and rescue organizations near you!

We are standing by to help you develop a consistent, compassionate approach to good behavior for your Pit Bull. Learn more about our services and schedule an appointment with one of our trainers today!

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Bark Busters Trainer Jeff Drier on the American Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Terriers have an undeserved reputation for being dangerous, aggressive dogs. The vast majority are sweet, wonderful, and make great family pets. Like every dog, they need an education to learn how to fit into our lives, but they are not the fearsome monsters that many people believe. When I think of Pit Bulls, I always remember a big, imposing-looking four-year-old named Tank.

The couple who called me owned an auto repair shop, where they and Tank spent their days. Tank had started growling at everyone (including them) and they were worried that he was going to bite someone. The final straw came when Tank growled at them when they went to give him his dinner.

I agreed to meet them at their shop, and when I arrived, I noticed Tank was chained at the far end of their lot. I needed to gather more information before developing a plan for him; I asked when they got Tank (when he was a puppy) and what he was like when they adopted him (always playful and very affectionate). I asked when he started growling at everyone and they told me that it was after they decided to make him their night watchman, leaving him at the shop at night to protect it. I asked if he had ever been protective before and they told me that, prior to his new duties, he had always been friendly to everyone.

I realized what had happened: Tank, who was a sweet, gentle dog, did not understand why he was being left alone at night at the shop – he was feeling confused, scared, and stressed. To test my theory, I asked if his owners if they had any of Tank’s toys around. They found one of his balls and handed it to me. I asked them to get Tank and walk him around a little bit. Every time they started towards me Tank started growling and would get stiff. The third time they started towards me I started to bounce the ball.

Tank’s demeanor changed immediately: he stopped growling; his mouth, which had been clamped shut, opened; his eyes began to soften. I then asked them to drop the leash. They hesitated, asking if I was sure, and I told them I was positive. They timidly dropped the leash and I bounced the ball toward Tank. He pounced on it like a puppy, then brought it right back to me with a low wagging tail. I tossed it again; he brought it back enthusiastically. I did this a couple of more times, then handed the ball to Tank’s owner and told him to play with him.

While they played, we talked. I found out there had been some break-ins at nearby businesses, which was why they had been leaving Tank at the shop at night. Tank looked intimidating, but his temperament wasn’t suited to being a guard dog – instead, his stress was causing him to act out, just like a person being put in a situation they are not equipped to handle.

Dogs are social creatures, and in the wild they will ostracize sick or injured pack members who are no longer assets to the group. Tank’s canine instinct was telling him he was being ostracized by his pack (his owners) when they left him alone at night, but he was also being fed by them to stay alive, which wouldn’t have happened in the wild. This contradiction left him confused and stressed.

I suggested a couple of actions for the couple. First, I advised they fire Tank as a guard dog and get a security system to protect the property instead. Second, I suggested they instead make Tank the customer greeter, which was a better fit for his personality. I left confident that he would go back to normal with these changes.

I returned a couple of weeks later and was happy to find they had taken my advice. I was greeted by tail-wagging Tank, slobbery ball in his mouth, happy as could be. I also noticed the addition of newly mounted security cameras – Tank had been relieved from his guard duties and was thriving in his new, more friendly role!

Fortunately, Tank’s situation had an easy solution and a happy ending. If your dog is showing signs of stress, call your Bark Busters trainer as soon as possible. Bark Busters trainers are experts at understanding dogs and their behavior. Once we identify the underlying stressor(s), we can develop action plans to mitigate the issues – and lead the way to happier dogs and families.

Pit Bull Terrier Grooming

Pit Bulls have short, low maintenance fur coats that tend not to retain bad odors. Baths are recommended once a month but can be as infrequent as every six months. While daily brushings are not necessary, most Pit Bulls enjoy them, and they are vital for achieving a shiny coat by spreading natural oils and removing dead skin.

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Bark Busters Dog Trainers Training Two Dogs

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Hear from Bark Busters Clients Who Have a Pit Bull Terrier

My pit bull Sophie had some bad habits, mainly barking and separation anxiety. A friend recommended Bark Busters. After two lessons, her behavior is literally night and day. Stephanie taught us how to communicate better and show leadership so Sophie wouldn't try and take on the role of pack leader. She is much less stressed out. I can leave the house without her crying, and she doesn't bark at the door anymore. I'm staying on top of the training. Highly recommend!
Back in February, I rescued Maple, my 3 year old pitbull mix from Mexico. She is the sweetest dog and loves humans, but immediately I noticed her anxiety and aggression towards other dogs. She was making accidents in the house daily, growling/pouncing/air- biting at other dogs on our walks and would jump on people when they tried to say hello. After multiple complaints of her behavior from my neighbors, I was at my wits end- frustrated and extremely anxious especially when I would take her out, scared I was going to come into contact with other dogs. I found Bark Busters on Yelp and connected with them immediately. The intake process was extremely thorough and I was set up to work with Justin a few weeks after I reached out.

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect when I booked the appointment. The reviews on Yelp seemed promising so I was hopeful, but still very worried that Maple wasn't going to be receptive of help. I. Cannot. Rave. About. Justin. Enough. I don't think there is anything I can say that will explain how grateful I am for him. JUSTIN IS BEYONNNDD INCREDIBLE. Not only is he one of the most personable people ever, but he took time to explain to me the psychology behind Maple's misbehavior. I was able to understand what was going on and why my other attempts in correcting her behavior weren't working/ why what he was about to teach me was going to be successful. Justin exudes confidence and made me feel empowered when modeling how to redirect her. He was patient with the both of us, encouraging and validating all my anxieties though the whole process, the list goes on... He is clearly so knowledgeable about his craft and I honestly do not know how I got so lucky to be paired with him. In just two days, I have noticed major improvement. She no longer lunges at dogs and she walks right next to me on our strolls. I know it may sound absurd that he was able to create this much change in just a 2- hour session, but he is a MIRACLE WORKER!! I am just blown away!

Thank you, Justin for being so passionate and helpful with us. You changed our lives!
We have a blue nose, pitbull, named Blue Bear. We were training him ourselves off of videos on YouTube. At six months old, I started looking for a trainer. It took me four months before I finally just told myself I had to pull the trigger and called Bark Busters and boy am I glad I got it right the first time. After just a couple of hours of training us, and reinforcing it with Blue Bear we had an entirely different dog that was calm, happy, and responsive to us. I did not believe that it would happen that fast. It was a joy to work with Patrick. He’s very dedicated to dogs and their parents. He explained everything to us, and answered all of our questions, and worked with us in our own home. It was a very seamless transition to a very well behaved loving dog when explaining why we needed to do the things we did. It all came together and made so much sense. I’m a retired nurse, and I do love to work with rationales behind what you do. My husband is very impressed which is hard to do. My daughter came over this morning and was amazed at how well behaved Blue Bear was. Looking forward to. Continued success with our beloved Blue Bear. Thank you Patrick, and Bark Busters.
We were so pleased with our time with Ruth! She gave us some great tips and was so encouraging. Colt is a pit bull living with three golden retrievers who are best of friends. He stays to himself most of the time but when they are in a group he can sometimes get aggressive. Ruth taught us to say “easy” to the goldens which calms Colt down from the activity and let’s him know he is not threatened. We are seeing results from this!
I highly recommend Ruth to train your dog.
We’ve been working with Ryanne for 6 weeks. During that short time she showed us how to communicate with our rescue. He’s a 1 year old Aussie border collie mix. We’re his 4th and forever home. He is a high energy and very intelligent dog. We knew we needed help. Ryanne came to our home and worked with us for 3 sessions over the last 6 weeks. She showed us how to immediately and effectively communicate with our dog. We can now take him to the park and play fetch. He walk's calmly by our side and ignores distractions. He only focuses on us. Before we could barely walk him without being pulled to the ground. If you’re thinking about using a trainer I highly recommend the Bark Buster program. Thank you Ryanne!
Diane and John are truly a power couple! They have an amazing bedside manner, have made us feel comfortable while supplying plenty of love and humor throughout the process. They are 150% dedicated to the work and are willing to work around the clock to help us with any challenges we have with Remy. These trainers are nothing short of amazing! They have helped us realize that although training with your dog can be challenging; however, it is more than possible, fun and worth the time we're putting in for our desired results. Thank you Diane and John! We look forward to our continued work with you all.
Friendly explained everything in great detail.
Our session was very useful & helpful in training our puppy Boji. We are looking forward to continuing the lessons with Karen.
Understanding her binary language barrier with a few simple commands made me feel at ease. Knowing my family can also walk and feel in control of our dog.
Unbelievable progress on the first day of training! Highly recommend Joshua as a highly competant and companionate trainer.
Josh was able to teach me how better to teach her! She may have some bad experiences w/ me that puts her on guard, but Josh helped a lot with recognizing the behavior and the methods how to fix this issue.
Noticed results right away!
Joshua is very professional and to the point, detailed, plus came prepared. Lucy was very receptive to him. We learned so much to make our lives plus lucy's life easier + with more joy! The information was very helpful plus the homework! Looking forward to our 3–4-week follow up. Thank YOU!
We were provided great philosophy plus lessons on how to train and understand our dog. Lucky learned a lot today!
Such nice and incredibly helpful people. Our dog is almost 4, and we thought we’d never be able to get her out of these bad habits that she’s always had. But they really helped us control her negative behaviors in a way that is not demeaning in any way. Our dog is thriving and we couldn’t be happier. Really worth the investment.
The training session was very effective. We see a massive improvement with our dogs already. Can't wait for the future!
Karen was very professional. She explained things where we could understand completely.
Very knowledgeable on training. Amazing to sum it all up!
I've worked with Bark Busters since 2021 when I first adopted my dog, Obi. He had some behavioral and anxiety issues that we needed to get under control. I shopped around for a few different trainers that were a bit cheaper but the training just didn't work well with my dog. I came across Bark Busters and was a little hesitant because of the pricing, but I felt that their methods of communication made so much sense. I first worked with Dalila and was stunned by her passion and commitment to this program. I had such an amazing experience with her and we were able to manage Obi's leash manners and home anxiety. As time went on, we reached back out to Bark Busters since Obi was beginning to act up again around other dogs. Because of that lifetime guarantee, we were able to work with Jared at no additional cost. Jared was very lovely and personable. He gave us great tips and a little refresher course. I would highly recommend working with Bark Busters because you can tell they genuinely care about their clients and want the best for your family!
Pixie went from out of control to passive today in our session with Karen.
Yesterday, Lissette from Bark Busters came to our house and spent 3 hours working with us and all three of our dogs. Her results were amazing! It was probably harder to train the humans than the dogs but she was extremely patient. She gave us the needed equipment, instructions, and videos to be successful. She also promises unlimited support should we have any questions or concerns before our next visit. After following her instructions last night and then today, our dogs have already shown improvement in their behavior! I HIGHLY recommend Bark Busters to anyone who loves their dog(s) and wants to take back control of their environment.
Stephanie is great! As first time dog parents we needed some guidance. So thankful we found Stephanie who provided us with some wonderful information and tools to help us with our new fur baby!
5 stars
These guys are amazing. I got Randy and Jared, and they were both equally as amazing. After the first visit with Randy, 75% of all issues were taken care of. After Jared came a few weeks later the remaining 25% of problems we were dealing with were fixed. Since they left me with all the tools to continue practicing good behavior with my dog, none of the problems have resurfaced. The things they helped fix was: jumping on the people and on or doors, eating our other dog's food, recall, and walks. Getting my dog to go on walks was super important because she was terrified of leaving the driveway and I had no idea what to do about it. On the first visit Randy helped to get her more comfortable with being on the leash and being in front of the house. After the second visit with Jared she venturing out on walks with full confidence. Bark Busters really is incredible and they have amazing being working for them. I do recommend Bark Busters.
Omar was amazing. He taught us how to truly communicate with our dog. And learning better communication with our dog we're getting the behavior changes we desired Omar. Our trainer was well spoken very clear and concise. He was an excellent instructor. I highly recommend Barker Busters to anyone who wants to get rid of chaotic anxious behavior in a dog. The written materials that Barker Busters leaves behind as well as emails electronically are very helpful. we look forward to learning more from Omar at our next appointment. The in-home training also is a huge benefit because it allows the trainer and the owners to concentrate on each other without interruption by others or other dogs.
I feel like I got a new dog today. I did not know my dog could be this calm & behave this well.
After just one week working with Bonnie, my dog Sherman understands that I am the leader of our pack. He walks next to me beautifully. He stops barking when commanded. He follows me vs. being unruly and underfoot. He is far more relaxed overall. The concept is brilliant and very easy to administer for fast results!
After just one session with Mark, we have course-corrected the fear aggression that we have seen building over time within our 4-year-old dog, Finnegan. After two (2) poor encounters, one at a groomer and one with another dog, Finnegan developed a very intense reaction to other dogs (and anyone in scrubs), to the point where we could not walk past another dog across the street. He would bark and pull and just go crazy, all out of immense fear. Other aspects of his temperament also started worsening like guarding socks and/or toilet paper. We felt like we were losing our dog. The worst realization was that our 1-year-old dog, Daisy, was beginning to pick up the same characteristics simply by watching him. We tried other training methods over the years that all helped/made small improvements but nothing was as dramatic as Mark and Bark Busters. He helped us reset with the dogs, establish leadership and own the space so that our dogs feel safe and look to us for direction. We have work to do to reinforce the training and make it our way of life, but we feel very excited and thankful for all of it. Our dogs are much happier as well, even after just a few weeks. We would HIGHLY recommend Mark and Bark Busters to anyone.

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