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Deb Boswell

Deb Boswell

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Deb Boswell
Meet Your Trainer Deb Boswell



About Me

Hello! Welcome to Bark Busters Des Moines / Bark Busters Central Iowa. My name is Deb Boswell – I have trained over 2,000 dogs the Bark Busters way on the local level and have helped fix every imaginable issue dog owners encounter. If you’re like me, your dog means the world to you. Maybe he’s 95% awesome but it’s that 5% that makes life a challenge. I can guide you to the dog of your dreams in the dog you already have! Please read on to get a better feel for what Bark Busters Home Dog Training is all about!

See Immediate Results

What if I told you that most of my dog behavior clients see positive changes by the end of the first 2-3 hour lesson? It happens all the time! With minor tweaking on the home front, most clients are well on their way to a well-behaved dog in a matter of days. Whether you have an 8-week-old puppy or a 12-year-old Great Dane, I will solve your problems. ANY age • ANY breed • ANY issue.

“My name is Dr. Daryl Rauser, I am a veterinarian and owner of Healing Paws Veterinary Clinic in Ankeny. Debra was very professional and helpful with our dog Belle's problem of excessive barking. She came in our home and observed the unwanted behavior and then helped us to understand why it was happening and how we should deal with it. After the first few weeks we have seen a huge improvement and Belle has enjoyed the extra attention/training. I would highly recommend Debra and Bark Buster's to anyone struggling with behavior issues.” ~Dr. Daryl Rauser, Ankeny

In-Home Dog Training

My whole-dog, natural approach is customized to the needs of each client and dog! Bark Busters trains in your home because that is where most of the problem behaviors happen – not in a classroom with 10 other dogs. All of the solutions that I give you are proven effective in real life situations. I love helping dog owners learn how to communicate and read their dog and seeing their amazement when the dog they felt was beyond help, begins to understand what their human wants. The once “stubborn” pup is suddenly responding and eager to please.

Happy Dogs = Happy Owners!

“I tend to adopt dogs from shelters - typically dogs who were abused in the past. Unfortunately that means lots of behavior problems. We couldn't take our dogs for walks, they barked all the time, and one was pretty aggressive. I have to be honest, after the first session, I had my doubts but did the assigned exercises. After the first visit, there was a noticeable decrease with indoor barking and people can ring the doorbell without fear of being attacked. Since the second visit, I was able to take one dog for a walk and while we were outside the next door neighbor commented that he saw the bark buster van in our driveway and the dogs really cut down on barking. There is still a lot of work to be done. One dog is still limited to walking up and down the driveway, but I just keep remembering Deb talking about baby steps. It is just amazing how she was able to come in to our home and bond with the dogs as well as she did. I love the emphasis training with positive reinforcement. I think the biggest change of her training was me...and helping me understand that it is ok to be the alpha dog and having the dogs run amok hurt them more than helped. She is patient not only with the dogs, but with their owners.” ~Gail B., Urbandale

What Differentiates Bark Busters Des Moines

  • Customized program – your schedule, your goals, 100% focus on YOUR dog. Uses a simple, efficient yet powerful method based on canine thinking and communication.
  • All training is done in your home / neighborhood / location of the problem behavior with fast results.
  • Free ongoing support for the life of your dog! The help you need doesn’t expire at the end of a set time or number of lessons. Help is always a phone call away!
  • Non-physical approach allows your dog to learn appropriate behavior in a positive way.
  • No clicker or treat training or dominance.
  • I coach you to train your dog. This training/growth process will enrich the bond between you and your dog(s). Bond, trust and respect are the foundation of a stable relationship and a happy, calm dog!
  • The approach I teach you is “less is more”. You will learn how to make your dog feel secure in your decisions and, in seeing you as the decision-maker, your dog will start to be calmer.
  • Bark Busters International was founded over 29 years ago in Australia and is now the largest in-home dog training company in the world. As such, each trainer is backed by the knowledge base of hundreds of fellow trainers.

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We Can Train Any Dog, Issue, Breed

In addition to basics – whether puppy or adult – I can fix the following:

  • Aggression towards you or other dogs
  • Anxious when left alone
  • Attention seeking and clinginess
  • Barking while on leash, inside the home, in the back yard
  • Bolting through doorways & up/down stairs
  • Chasing cars, the family cat, human children, bunnies
  • Chewing inappropriate objects and other dog destructive behavior
  • Issues with toddlers and children interactions
  • Digging in the yard
  • Door manners
  • Fear of people, dogs, objects, sounds, etc.
  • Fence fighting – dogs barking at neighbor dogs
  • Herding of humans, children
  • Jumping
  • Lacking focus
  • Not coming when called
  • Not responding to commands
  • Over-exuberant behavior
  • Play biting & nipping
  • Pulling on leash
  • Reactive while on leash – lunging, growling, whining
  • Socialization or fighting with sibling dogs in the home
  • And more

Des Moines Dog Training & More

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About Your Des Moines Dog Trainer

I have owned Bark Busters of Greater Des Moines since October of 2007. I have a bachelors and master’s degrees in journalism. I followed my dream to help dog owners have a more rewarding relationship with their dog.

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed [CPDT-KA] that requires a specified experience level, recommendations from veterinarians and clients simply to be allowed to sit for a grueling 4-hour exam.

I can help your family have a well-behaved family companion. Call today.

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Client Reviews

Your trainer is : Deb Boswell Greater Des Moines, Iowa
Your trainer is : Deb Boswell Greater Des Moines, Iowa