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Carol Champion

Expert Dog Trainer, Carol Champion

Written Guarantee

The Bark Busters worldwide home dog training service guarantee is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind. Find out more

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Carol Champion
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Servicing: Allenspark, Bellvue, Berthoud, Cheyenne, Drake, Estes Park, FE Warren AFB, Fort Collins, Glen Haven, Laporte, Laramie, Livermore, Loveland, Masonville, Red Feather Lakes, Tie Siding, Timnath, Wellington, Windsor



The Best Dog Training in Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, Loveland, parts of Southern Wyoming. 


Dogs are always communicating with us.

The way to enrich your relationship with your dog or begin a relationship with your puppy is to remove any barriers to that communication.

Our best approach is to learn their language and not expect them to understand English, German, Chinese or any other human dialect. The Bark Busters method of dog training capitalizes on using a motivational communication tool to which all canines immediately understand and respond.

I’ve been teaching and training the Bark Busters method for more than 12 years. What stands out is not just the results of the training but how easy it is for people to learn and use. Keeping it simple for you also means it’s going to be simple for your dog. I work with you so that you are the one educating your dog. It’s your relationship with your dog that absolutely is most important.

Natural method dog training is what I teach and train -- dog-friendly dog training in your home.

  • NO food rewards or treats to gain attention or focus

  • NO physically harsh techniques 

  • NO prong collars or shock collars -- these harsh methods are completely unnecessary when you know how to communicate with and provide leadership for your dog


My Promise to You:

I want to help you and your dog! I partner with you to train your dog and work with all aspects of dog education and behavioral issues.

My priority is to put you in a position to change your dog’s behavior to fit your life and your goals.

I provide options for the best training for your problems. Our life of your dog support guarantee is world-renowned, and we’ve offered this service for nearly 30 years.

I work with any issue, any dog and at any age. 


My Training Features and Commitments:

  • I will come and work with you at your home where your dog spends 90% of its time.

  • I start puppies at 8 weeks and will provide a pre-visit to your home to get you ready for puppy.

  • The training will be designed to address the issues you are having with your dog.

  • I provide discounts for households with more than one dog so all dogs will be trained.

  • I work on all behavioral issues: aggression, house soiling, separation anxiety, basic obedience, barking, jumping, mouthing, leash pulling to name a few.


Please check out my client testimonials and review our clients' experiences with Bark Busters and our training techniques.

Contact me today!  I’m here to help you!

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