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Nancy Higgins
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You love your dog, right? Of course you do, but its behavior is causing problems. Did you know that your dog never means to be bad, that it thinks it is doing the job it was born to do? Dogs follow their instincts, the main one being that of survival. To survive, it has to be part of a strong pack which means it needs strong pack leaders. Therefore dogs crave leadership because it makes them feel safe and secure. We are evolved humans and don't naturally act the way a pack leader would, so your dog feels it has to take the job on. Honestly, it doesn't see you as capable of the job. I teach you to turn that around. When you learn how to communicate in your dog's language and behave like a canine pack leader you can change its mind and when you change a dog's mind you can change and form behavior.

Bark Busters methods are completely humane and natural, no gimmicks. We don't use electronic, prong, or choke chain collars. We teach you to use voice tones, body language, timing and exercises to train your dog to see you in the role of pack leader and what is appropriate behavior in your home. Working with your dog at home, where the problems occur and where there are no distractions of a group class, is best. Sending your dog away to be trained isn't the way either. You have to be the pack leader, so if someone else trains your dog for you, it soon will return to old behaviors.

I am a certified master behavioral therapist and trainer. I love helping people and of course love dogs. Call me to set up an appointment and together we can change and form behavior that will make everyone happy.

Any dog, any age, any problem!

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