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Derek and Lissette Anovick
Meet Your Trainers Derek and Lissette Anovick
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Best Dog Training Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin

Welcome. We are Derek and Lissette Anovick, your local Las Vegas Bark Busters dog trainers who have successfully trained hundreds of dogs to be well-behaved companions for their families. We have helped dog owners overcome a variety of frustrations, from aggression and incessant barking to separation anxiety and leash pulling.

We know we can help your dog.

How? Our testimonials tell the tale.

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What Differentiates Bark Busters Las Vegas

  1. We train dog owners not dogs. The problem is not with you or your dog. It is about how you communicate with each other. When you issue a command to your dog, he doesn’t understand what you are saying. Once we teach you to communicate with your dog using voice tones and body language, your dog will be well behaved. You will establish your place in the pack – as the “Top Dog”, and your dog will gladly relinquish control to you, knowing that you will keep him safe.

“After 3 hours our 2 Coton De Tulears were responsive to the new training and barking at the front door is a thing of the past. Our evening walks are now enjoyable using the new collars and leashes they gave us. The tools and techniques are beyond simple yet so powerful.” Julietta F.

  1. You will see immediate results. By the time we leave our first training session, you will see remarkable changes in your dog. Reinforcing the techniques 10 – 15 minutes a day will allow your relationship with your dog to grow and change. The dog training is easy and fun!

“We were amazed how in just one day there was a noticeable difference in both of our dogs.” Christina R

  1. We use only humane, positive methods. Treat training is not the way to train your dog. You don’t see mama dogs walking around with their treat pouch on dishing out food to educate their pups. Treats can be used as a reward from time to time, but once the treats stop coming so, too, will your dog’s good behaviors. Additionally, negative reinforcement such as shock collars, prong collars or punishment can result in a more aggressive dog.

“I was very impressed that treats or "punishment" are not used.” Janet B

“During the first lesson Lisette helped us be consistent and in charge with verbal correction. No treats or harsh tools involved.” Julie B

  1. Our dog training methods can be applied to any dog, any age, any size. Because all dogs speak the same language, our dog training system works for ANY dog, ANY age, ANY issue! Even old dogs CAN learn new tricks. Rescue dogs, shelter dogs, puppies and senior dogs … we love them all.

“All I can say is these folks are the real deal! We have a pitbull who was born blind and we didn't know how to communicate with him. He's a wonderfully behaved dog but we just didn't know how to teach him things like going downstairs. They came in and showed us so many great ideas and gave us homework to do and we are beyond excited that we found them.” Tieia

  1. We often get called in by other dog trainers who can’t tackle the tough issues such as aggression.

“I rescued a French bull dog almost a year ago. She is the sweetest dog ever … except when it came to other dogs. Zoe, our seven-year-old pooch lived in a home with a very aggressive mini pit and he bullied her constantly. When I try to walk her she goes after any other dog. Derek and Lissette came over last night and it was AMAZING. They taught me techniques that were so doable with zero aggression or anger and not treats but a lot of praise. I feel like I have hope for my dog, which makes me so happy.” Rachel L.

Together, Bark Busters Las Vegas will help you overcome ANY issue, any breed, any age:

  • Canine Leadership Communication
  • Aggression – food, dog to dog, dog to human
  • Biting – Nipping – Rough Play
  • Rushing the front door
  • Stealing, Counter Surfing
  • Child safety
  • Jumping
  • House training
  • New Baby – Preparing and Introducing
  • Multiple dogs in household
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Barking
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviors
  • Pool safety
  • Puppy issues
  • Separation anxiety
  • Digging
  • Traveling with your dog
  • Leash walking


Community Service

We are passionate about giving back to the community, helping rescues organizations and shelters whose dogs have behavioral issues such as aggression and separation anxiety. We work with Home 4 Spot, the Henderson Animal Shelter, Wagging Tails Rescue and The American Dog Project (Puerto Rico Dog Rescue Effort) and help to place homeless dogs who have been abandoned by natural disasters.

For Derek and Lissette Anovick animal welfare of all living creatures with a specific focus on dogs has been a passion throughout their entire life. They make an impact on people’s lives on a daily basis by rehabilitating dogs and teaching owners how to effectively communicate with their canine counterpart and be the pack leader.

Lissette’s passion for dogs stems from her early childhood having been raised with multiple dogs ranging from teacup Pomeranians to large German Shepard’s (street rescued dogs to pure breeds). She ended up rescuing dogs from euthanasia by always adopting from local shelters. Her knowledge and understanding of dogs stems from her innate ability to “speak dog” dating back to her early childhood days. Everyone in the neighborhood would ask Lissette for assistance with any training or behavioral issues since she was so in tune with animals since the age of 5. Lissette went on to build a career in health and wellness as a health coach and personal trainer, aiding people in their need to cure diseases and ailments through proper diet and nutrition. She treats the root of the problem and not the symptom. Her wealth of diet and nutrition knowledge carries over to animals as well since food sources for dogs are as equally poor in nutrients as their human counterparts.

Her training in this field carries over to the animal world quite well allowing her to assist dog owners that are willing and open for nutritional guidance and assistance. It’s a match made in heaven for Lissette to do what she truly loves on a daily basis thanks to the Bark Buster philosophy of assisting as many dogs and dog owners as possible world-wide.

Derek’s story is a bit different as he grew up with dog and cat related asthma allergies and had to limit exposure to all animals as a result. He always loved being around animals but his health condition would not allow him to do so. At the age of 32, he decided to go out on a limb and adopt his first dog with the hopes that his asthma would subside eventually. Although he suffered for the first few months, he was able to build up enough antibodies in his system naturally to become immune to dog dander with no side effects and not needing to partake in allergy treatments. He went on to adopt 2 more additional dogs over the next few years. After that he felt comfortable being able to finally express his passion and love towards all breeds after having overcome the asthma issue. He made annual trips to the island of Puerto Rico several times a year for many years, dedicating most of his time to animal welfare assistance and feeding hungry street dogs in need. After a 20 year career in marketing and advertising,

Derek finally had the opportunity to transition into behavioral dog training full-time with Bark Busters when the opportunity presented itself. He is now a mater trainer along with Lissette and loving every minute of it.

If you live in the Las Vegas area, the Anovick’s can help you have the well-behaved family pet you have always wanted!

Call us today so we can get started helping you and your dog. What we hear most often from dog owners: “We wish we had called sooner.” Don’t hesitate.


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