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Kendra Monroe Tycocki
Meet Your Trainer Kendra Monroe Tycocki
Servicing: Berea, Bryantsville, Burgin, Danville, Frankfort, Georgetown, Keene, Lancaster, Lexington, Midway, Millersburg, Nicholasville, North Middletown, Paris, Richmond, Versailles, Wilmore, Winchester

The Best Home Dog Training in Greater Lexington

You love your dog, but feel frustrated and embarrassed by its behavior and don’t know what to do. Maybe your dog jumps on guests and you, fusses on a leash, pulling you down the street while you beg it to “heel.” Often your dog charges the front door with such exuberance you can’t open the door without tripping over the dog. Does your dog use aggressive strategies against other dogs or people, or carries on whining and howling when you leave. Will your dog only listen to basic commands if it’s convenient, or if you have a treat.

Does any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Bark Busters Home Dog Training in Greater Lexington is HERE TO HELP YOU!

Believe it or not your dog can learn to be in a calmer state-of-mind and, thus, have better behavior.

Since 2003, I have successfully helped thousands of dog owners educate their canine companions to be well-behaved, well-balanced dogs that owners not only love, but enjoy! AND, the dog is happier, too!

What Differentiates Bark Busters Dog Training Methods

  • We educate dog owners. Imagine you are sitting in a classroom and the teacher comes in and starts speaking French. Chances are, you don’t understand a word she is saying. The same holds true for you and your dog. Dogs are hard-wired at birth to be dogs and the mama teaches them how to communicate with each other like dogs do. Then your dog comes into your home and you start speaking in English. Because dogs operate based on social order/rank, he is sorting out who out ranks where and is testing you (and you’re probably a soft touch) to see if he’s in charge. Once dog owners learn how to establish their place in the pack – as the “Top Dog”, your dog will gladly relinquish control to you, knowing that you will keep him safe. Then he will respect you and start to follow your commands and education.
  • We get to the root of the behavior. Dogs don’t just act out. They act out for a reason. A dog’s behavior is reflective of its state-of-mind. We will help you get to the “why” or the root of the issue. When we address the cause, the symptom/unwanted behavior will, with time and practice, be eradicated.
  • We only use positive, humane methods. Unless you own stock in a dog treat company, treat training is not the way to train your dog. You don’t see mama dogs walking around with their treat pouch on dishing out food to educate their pups. Treats can be used as a reward from time to time, but once the treats stop coming so, too, will your dog’s good behaviors. Additionally, negative reinforcement such as shock collars, prong collars or punishment can result in a more aggressive dog. Dogs are a conflict resolving species – they do not like to get physical. So, we needn’t get physical either. I will teach you how to get your dog to listen to you using a natural method of garnering your dog’s respect through leadership and using voice tones and body language to speak to your dog in “doglish.” Yes! You will learn to communicate the way dogs communicate. WOOF!
  • You will see results after your first session. You will see amazing results after the first lesson launching you into a foundation that we will build on to provide the lasting changes you desire.
  • Any Breed. Any Age. Any Issue. Because all dogs speak the same language, our dog training system works for ANY dog, ANY age, ANY issue! Puppies and their owners can start off on the right paw, eliminating behavior issues before they can even start, and old dogs CAN learn new tricks. Rescue dogs, shelter dogs, puppies and senior dogs … we love them all.

Our Dog Training Services Can Help You

We resolve all your dog behavior issues, teach puppy training and puppy management, basic dog obedience, and help you live a happier life together with your dog. Are you experiencing issues with your dog's behavior, such as:

  • Aggressive towards people, food, kids, other dogs
  • Anxiousness, especially when away from you
  • Barking
  • Charging the front door
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Ignoring basic commands
  • Jealously
  • Jumping
  • Lunging on a walk
  • Not listening overall
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Refusing to come when called (recall)
  • Toileting in the home
  • A new puppy in need of puppy training
  • More?

I can help your dog reach its full potential!

About Your Local Dog Trainer & Dog Behavioral Therapist

I am very passionate about dog training because I get to see seemingly mischievous and misbehaving dogs transform into responsive, attentive, curious, calm and loving ones. The relationship becomes enjoyable and more positive. Dog owners are relieved and less stressed and so is the dog.

Live a happier life together with your dog. Contact me today!

For even more information, visit my personal Lexington Dog Training website.

Helping families develop and maintain healthy,
balanced and well-behaved dogs!

Call now and see the difference!

Any Breed. Any Age. Any Issue.

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