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Harv Kaplan
Meet Your Trainer Harv Kaplan
Servicing: Cape Canaveral, Christmas, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Edgewater, Geneva, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Mims, New Smyrna Beach, Oak Hill, Orlando, Osteen, Oviedo, Patrick AFB, Port Orange, Rockledge, Satellite Beach, Scottsmoor, Sharpes, Titusville

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Welcome!  My name is Harvey Kaplan and I am your Brevard County Master Trainer. I know first-hand how a misbehaving dog can create chaos in a family. As much as we love our dogs, misbehaving dogs cause conflict and stress among family members and visitors.

Since I have become a Bark Busters trainer, I have had moments of amazement. When two dogs who were aggressive and at each other's throats suddenly could snuggle and sleep peacefully next to each other. When a woman who was going to be thrown out of her condominium because her dog barked too much was able to end the separation anxiety.

It is these moments I want to bring to your household!

There are generally three ways to train a dog. Some people use treat training which is basically bribing a dog with food to perform a certain behavior (like "sit," "come" or "stay"). The problem is you don't always have a treat handy and this does not do much to curb unwanted behaviors. The second popular method is using shock or prong collars along with physical punishment. The problem with this type of training is aggression breeds aggression.

Then there's what I do.

How Bark Busters Dog Training Works:

Bark Busters training is based on dog psychology and has been successfully used for more than 30 years to train more than one million dogs.  We currently have more than 300 professional trainers around the world.

What Differentiates Bark Busters Brevard County?

I train at your home.  Dogs learn best when they can completely focus on the owner, in an environment that is familiar, quiet, and free of distractions. Coming to your home for dog training allows me to observe your dog in his/her 'den' so I can get to the root of the problem. Many trainers try and correct the problem without discovering 'why.'  I custom tailor dog training exercises that establishes you as the pack leader.

I teach you how to communicate with your dog. Dogs learn how to communicate when they are first born as a member of a 'pack' with their mother and siblings. Moms don't use treats or shock collars to train their dogs! instead, they teach them to mimic behaviors. That's why Bark Busters uses voice tones and body language! These are the natural ways dogs communicate to teach your dog to listen to you. In your dog's eyes, you will be seen as the 'leader of the pack'.

You will see immediate results. Every dog owner wants to see 'instant' changes in their dog. You will see your dog's behaviors transform before your eyes during our first lesson.

I use only positive methods. Bark Busters uses all positive dog training methods. We never use any form of harsh treatment.

I can train any dog. Because all dogs speak the same language, our dog training system works for ANY dog, ANY age, ANY issue!  Puppies and their owners can start off on the right paw, eliminating behavior issues before they can even start, and old dogs CAN learn new tricks. Rescue dogs, shelter dogs, puppies, and senior dogs - and I love them all.

I Can Help You Overcome:   

   - Adjusting to a new baby
   - Adjusting to another dog
   - Aggression
   - Attention seeking
   - Barking
   - Basic Obedience
   - Biting
   - Destructive behaviors like chewing, digging
   - Door manners
   - Focus & listening
   - Jumping
   - Moving or relocating
   - Not coming when called
   - Play biting
   - Walking on leash
   - Sibling rivalry
   - Separation anxiety
   - and more...

About Your Brevard County Dog Trainer 

There is no such thing as a 'bad dog', a misconception that causes many dogs to be abandoned and euthanized. Our Bark Busters dog training has saved hundreds of thousands of dogs from being relinquished. It really comes down to miscommunication between humans and canines. Think of me as your interpreter, the one who will teach you to have a well-behaved family companion.

Over and over again my clients say: 'I wish I had called you sooner!'  Well, don't wait!  Let's begin today!

I have had tremendous experiences with dogs from training bomb-sniffing dogs to family companions! What I have learned as a Master trainer is there is no such thing as a dog whose problems can't be turned around. Bark Busters is here to help you!

Do you want a well-behaved dog?  Call me, Harvey Kaplan, with Bark Busters today!

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