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Ann-Marie S
Ann-Marie S Buda, Hays, Texas | November 06 2021
Amanda is a terrific and amazing trainer! During our initial training session, my dogs made such huge process. Lucy (my one year old Siberian Husky/German Sheppard mix) was starting to act dominant over my older dog, and with Amanda's training methods, that all stopped after the first training session! My dogs have had no further issues after only 2 hours with Amanda! I have continued to follow all of the great advice, materials and training tools that Amanda provided, and my dogs have responded so well! In addition to addressing dominance, we have worked on jumping, door control, leash walking and other actions, and Lucy is a completely different dog after only a few weeks. I am so happy with this training, and highly recommend Amanda! She is the best! Permalink
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Cesar Augusto O Austin, Texas | October 25 2021
It was a great experience and learned a lot. Permalink
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Leticia R
Leticia R Austin, Travis, Texas | August 24 2021
Signing up for training with Bark Busters was really nerve racking. We felt like like our fur baby was the craziest dog and we were running out options to get him under control. After the first session with Amanda, our MINDS WERE BLOWN! We saw results instantly and the anxiety and doubt we had, subsided. She was patient (with us and our dog, lol) very knowledgeable and was easy going! I look forward to completing our training program and am thankful for the lifetime guarantee. This ensures if any new bad or old habits form, Amanda will be one call away! I’m so glad we are working with such a wonderful trainer who makes this process worth every dollar! Permalink
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Kita W
Kita W Kyle, Hays, Texas | August 22 2021
Amanda is a BOSS!! Our little Cavapoo loved her from the day she walked through our front door. He definitely responds to the techniques she has taught us. She started with him at 2 months old and he is now 4 months responding to all the techniques she showed us. She is professional, personable and a lot of fun. Being first time dog owners, she has answered pet care questions outside training. We look forward to her working with us. Permalink
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Patty W Austin, Texas | August 11 2021
Amanda is amazing!! She came the first visit and spent around 2 hours discussing our concerns and what could be done to help Harriet learn that she was not in charge! The tools she gave us were simple and almost magical. Harriet now is a calm, well behaved part of our family. Amanda came 2 weeks later and spent around an hour talking about what improvements we noticed, which were a lot! She also asked us if we may have any other issues. Harriet still wants to keep one of our cats out of the bedroom and we are working on that. She gave us some different ways to help Harriet leave the cat alone. She made it very clear that she is available if we have any more issues that may come up. I like that she does not use treats to get Harriet to behave and she uses behavior modification to take care of the issues. The tools she uses are easy and gets results really fast! Harriet, too, is a quick learner! (Crazy smart, as Amanda said.) She is such a good teacher! I highly recommend her! Permalink
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Avalon F
Avalon F Austin, Texas | July 28 2021
Amanda completely met and exceeded my dreams about training. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect honestly, my dog being as crazy as he is. He is my first dog, and he wouldn't listen to me for anything. Amanda came in and IMMEDIATELY (I mean immediately) got him to stop barking. She taught me the psychology behind training a dog and explained everything in a way that made complete sense. My dog is a new dog now, and the progress we are making is incredible. My love for him grows every day as the frustrations have evaporated. My favorite part is that at no point did I feel judged for being honest about things I had given up on out of frustration. Amanda's response was always supportive, and rather than lecturing me (which I sort of expected and dreaded) she let me know we would handle it, and we have. Plus she's just super duper cool and 100% someone you want to be around. My dog, myself, and my cat (who comes out for snuggles now that the dog listens when I say "leave the cat alone") are so very thankful. I can't wait to see the progress in a couple of months if this is where we're at in only two weeks! Permalink
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Cortni P
Cortni P Austin, Texas | July 02 2021
I've been struggling with Charleigh barking and jumping and her separation anxiety with me specifically. Couldn't even enjoy taking her swimming (which she loves) cause I couldn't enjoy swimming with out her freaking out cause she couldn't be right by my side. And her barking was bad. I work from home and was so excited about being able to have my pup with me while I work. I had to put her in a different room while I was working because if my partner or anyone came from the other room she would bark. And she's always been a jumper I tried to get her to not and just never was successful. Amanda changed all of that! Charleigh has made huge changes that I've struggled with all her sweet puppy life (she will be 8 in Oct.) Whomever said you can't teach a old dog new tricks never met Amanda ? Permalink
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Kristi P
Kristi P Manchaca, Travis, Texas | July 02 2021
Amanda was great with helping to introduce our new dog to our family cats. We had no idea how he would respond as he’s a rescue. He was barking at them and trying to break into the room the cats were in. I wasn’t sure the situation would work out but Amanda showed us techniques to introduce them and gauge his behavior. Now they are all getting along beautifully. I’m looking forward to more sessions to work on recall and excitability issues. Highly recommend!! Permalink
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Kelly H austin, Texas | June 29 2021
I can never thank Amanda enough for showing me how to properly communicate with my dogs! They no longer bark at people passing by, pull on their leashes on walks and I can finally feel secure with them off leash to come back when called. Best service ever, wish I discovered Amanda sooner! Permalink
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