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Frank A New York, New York, New York | July 09 2023
Just moved out to NYC from San Diego and my pup is having a difficult time with the transition. Reached out to BB and asked about working with a NYC-based trainer and was linked up with Sarah quickly and easily! We had out first session today and my dog is already so much more comfortable and we even made it out on a few walks today. And I'm feeling confident and supported to keep up the work. Thanks so much for everything, Sarah! Permalink
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Matthew P New York, New York, New York | July 08 2023
We just want to say how grateful we are for your expertise. Friday has improved more in two lessons than in the entire time we have had her. We really appreciate what you've taught us and we (including Friday look forward to learning more. We'll keep working on the door too. Permalink
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Anmol J
Anmol J Yonkers, Westchester, New York | July 02 2023
I had so much anxiety for my rescue dog, who was extremely scared of my housemates. Bark Busters not only helped stopped the barking at my housemates (as the name suggests) but helped with basic obedience, helping her get used to her environment, and created a stronger bond between me and my dog. Their approach does not involve treats or reward systems which makes a much longer lasting approach to dog training. I highly recommended Bark Busters to help with any new dog (rescue or puppy). Permalink
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PW H New York, New York, New York | June 01 2023
Can't say enough good things about Barkbusters and Steve! Steve is a wonderful trainer. Steve brings phenomenal energy and helps work with dogs for barking, anxiety, pacing, aggression, and proper manners in the house! Best dog trainer in the area! Permalink
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Margaret M New York, New York, New York | August 16 2021
Sarah was so very kind. Clearly, she loves dogs. But I would also recommend her as a "human trainer." She gave us some great tips on how to try to control our puppy's biting and anxiety. After our first meeting, she sent me an excellent email recommending a couple of first-rate products that I could get on Amazon. She also recognized that, because of our advanced age, we weren't sure that we were going to be able to keep Samantha. (especially because my husband is suffering from late-stage Alzheimer's). Again, she was very kind and honest, leaving us with some things to think about before she might come again. We were very pleased! Permalink
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Dana N Yonkers, Westchester, New York | December 23 2019
My puppy, Max, is an active, precocious Chihuahua. He displays the normal puppy behaviors so Sarah is teaching us what is appropriate puppy behavior and what is not and how to get him to listen. The BarkBusters method is simple, fun and effective. Within a short time, Max was house broken, walking nicely on a lead, rested happily in his crate and enjoyed playing with his designated toys, not the furniture. Sarah has great suggestions and tips that have enhanced Max’s health and maturity! And it’s a continuous and evolving g process. I could not have made a better choice in a trainer and training method! It's also nice to know Sarak always answers my texts and phone calls.T Permalink
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Mary D New York, New York, New York | November 20 2019
Sarah was wonderful with Chloe and with me. She provided advice and training that was easy to follow and Chloe responded right away. She provided me with piece of mind that she will be back for ongoing support and there to help. Permalink
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Gillian S
Gillian S New York, New York | October 23 2019
Bark busters was recommended by a neighbor in my building and from the first visit we were blown away with Sarah's techniques and improvement we saw in our puppy. She really helped us understand the psychology of our dog and helped us teach him to correct and modify his own behaviors - ie: impulse control. Her techniques are very easy to follow and everyone in the family (including my 8 and 11 yr olds) were able to incorporate the training. After the first visit (where we spend 2 1/2-3 hours!) Sarah was readily available via email to help any issues that we were having. I am so happy that we found this company and Sarah and have already recommended her to everyone who mentions they're looking for a trainer! At this particular moment I feel we have addressed our puppy's issues but I am relieved to know that if something comes up Sarah will be there to help us in the future. Permalink
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Patricia B Long Island City, Queens, New York | July 15 2019
Sarah was great. She introduced us to your methods of puppy training. We will have to do our homework with Jackson as he is a tough beagle. But we did see some results right away. I emailed Sarah with questions and she responded right away. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Puppy management, Separation anxiety
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Meriam B New York, New York | July 15 2019
My husband and I just moved here to Manhattan from the Suburbs in the Bay Area California. Our pup Sammy has been exposed to a lot of major change in just one month, and we have never used a dog training service before. Sammy's environment has changed from a lot more space to a much smaller one, and he is now being exposed to a lot more dogs and people. In the two weeks since we have moved to Manhattan, Sammy's separation anxiety and anxiety due to the smallest noise, movement or not even being in the same room with us, definitely heightened. Sammy would bark for hours until he would exhaust himself. Sammy also has some prior behavioral issues that we never helped to correct, such as jumping on people, barking at other dogs, and boundary issues-including following us everywhere, jumping and sleeping on furniture he is not supposed to and going into rooms he is not allowed in. In just a few hours of reaching out to Bark Busters, I received a phone call and had a brief evaluation of Sammy over the phone. We were given information about the training process and information about Sarah, and we were given a training appointment for the next day (Saturday) which worked perfectly for our schedule. In just the couple hours that Sarah was in our home, she went straight to work! We saw results immediately! Honestly, my husband and I were in awe. Sarah is definitely an expert in her field. She really observed Sammy's behavior, asked us a plethora of questions, about our schedules, home environment and the problem areas we wanted to address moving forward. Sarah was direct with us and really went over training exercises repetitively until both my husband and I were comfortable doing them on our own and the results were immediate. In just 24 hours, we have seen a huge change in Sammy. My husband and I will continue with the training here at home, but Sarah has reassured that we have a lifetime access to her expertise and services via phone, email and even home visits. In just one day, Sammy has listened to us when we stop him from coming into our bedroom. He hasn't barked in the apartment at all today, and we will observe tomorrow, when the construction noise continues, but I know I have the tools to practice keeping Sammy's anxiety at bay. Sammy also has not urinated anywhere in the apartment when he gets frustrated if we leave the room. She really helped my husband and I understand Sammy's needs as well as understand that we are in control, not Sammy and provided us with tools to be confident and not confrontational with Sammy. We just want to thank Sarah for all her positive and upbeat help. We know that it will be a process, but we are excited to have Sarah's help moving forward. We definitely would recommend her services to others. Thank you so much Sarah! We greatly appreciate everything! - Sammy, Meriam and Trevor Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety

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