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Kelia L Elgin, Illinois | April 15 2015
Diamond is a extremely high energy and since she a pit bull terrier, she is very strong. Despite taking her to training in the past and giving an earnest effort to use the techniques, proper leashes,etc., I have had a difficulty time. The previous trainer suggest a pinch collar to control the pulling for a dog with this level of strength. Needless to say, the result were less than stellar. Jan came to address obedience leash pulling, jumping on people, high anxiety (e.g vet visits), attentiveness, ignoring commands. At just the second visit, I was able to walk her without the pulling on just a training leash and I was able to get Diamond to stay and sit for short periods of time. After two weeks, the difference was like night and day. All of the techniques Jan taught me, where consistently used, have been extremely successful. I still have a lot more work to but if I stay consistent with the methods Jan taught me, I have no doubt that Diamond will become a very well-behaved dog. MANY THANKS JAN!!! Permalink
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Laurie K Elgin, Illinois | March 21 2015
Thank you for the magnificent awareness and insight that you have provided us after your training session with Copper. We have learned how to be a solid calm leader without any fear, loudness or physical force. Everything that you teach is natural to the behavior and communication which all dogs know and understand. Copper now feels that he is safe and secure. He does not have to make all of the decisions. His new leader has his back thanks to you. Copper came into our rescue with only a 1% chance. Your guidance is giving him 100% success and he is happy and relaxed. Thank you, you are a treasure to Copper and to us. Laurie Kay Stardust Sanctuary Permalink
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Sue T Geneva, Illinois | March 08 2015
Jan has come twice now. Once to train and the next visit was for a follow-up. The training methods are simple but very effective. I instantly saw a change in my dog after the first session. I highly recommend Bark Busters Home Dog Training. Thanks Jan!! Permalink
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Rick S
Rick S Huntley, Illinois | February 08 2015
Jan just came to our house yesterday and already we feel like we have a new set of puppies!!! They have responded so quickly to the training methods introduced in the first session. Jan was great and was very patient explaining everything, especially taking the time to make sure our children understood and were included in the process as well. We really liked that she adapted her techniques to the specific issues that our dogs represented instead of using a standard training program. We really enjoyed the experience and look forward to working with Jan over the next few weeks. Permalink
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Jill & Ron K Bartlett, Illinois | November 10 2014
Excellent on all levels. We have already recommended Wick to others and have told our vet, Dr. Baker, how pleased we were with the help we received from Bark Busters. Permalink
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Debbie C
Debbie C Kingston, Illinois | September 17 2014
Jan was wonderful to work with! Very pleasant and really knows her stuff. We noticed a change in Dominoe right away. My sister and her husband had them out to their house as well. They were also very pleased so that's why we decided to give it a try. We will for sure recommend them to anyone who will listen! Permalink
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Joseph and Sarah H Batavia, Illinois | September 09 2014
When we started with Bark Busters, Jackson (our 110 pound lab) pulled while walking, barked aggressively out the window at people and would not listen to us. Jan did a fantastic job of coming to our house and explaining how we need to show Jackson that we are the leaders. One thing I have noticed with some of the reviews of Bark Busters are people who get frustrated because it takes effort on your part. A lot of what Bark Busters does is train the HUMAN, not the animal. If you are not willing to put the time in to work on the techniques on a daily basis, then this will not be the program for you. Jan will work with you to learn the proper techniques so you can teach, but it's going to be more work for you than your pet. If you want to learn how to have a successful relationship like we did with Jackson, then Jan is the individual to work with. She is WONDERFUL and you will not be disappointed. Permalink
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Trainer note from Brent : It was a pleasure working with Jackson. He was smart and so were his owners! Congratulations on a job well done!
Renee M
Renee M Batavia, Illinois | July 09 2014
Jan and Wick are wonderful just like the website leads you to believe....they are amazing behaviorists. I show my Chihuahuas and had a small issue with Buck's mother that was corrected with one visit. Two years later I 'thought' I had a puppy that was having a nervous breakdown....shy, not very friendly, growled (snapped) and rushed around all the time....he never stopped until he was asleep, and slept hard, only to return to Koojoe the next day. HELP! As a puppy he would sit in a corner, when loose he would look at me and the other animals in the house, but didn't want to come near. I called in the Jan and changes started immediately and have continued to this day. Buck is now a well-adjusted little guy that is showing. I am no longer nervous about taking him in the ring. He is socially adjusted and happy. Through the sessions and work we have created an incredible bond that is helping me so much in the show ring. We socialize by taking him as a therapy animal now to nursing homes! The tools and techniques they provided are amazing AND DO WORK.....nothing to hurt or scare him, just consistent techniques. With that consistency comes success. I cannot express the amazing end results. I can honestly say "Happy Tails live at my house." It is a decision you will NEVER regret. Every so sincerely submitted, Renee Marker Permalink
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Trainer note from Brent : Working with Renee and Buck has been a pleasure. Buck was very nervous and tense. The problems Renee was having were various different puppy behaviors. We had great success in changing those behaviors and now Buck is a very happy and well adjusted. Can't wait to see him win a Championship!
Patty H
Patty H Huntley, Illinois | August 10 2013
I've had animals all my life and never needed help. I've even taken my Giant Schnauzers to the show ring & received Reserve winner. When I got my Yorkie, he weighed 1lb. 14oz. Oh so cute. He ceased being so cute when I got him home. Thank God for Wick! I thought I purchased a psycho. Mikey tried to run the household. Stubborn, jumping, pulling, toileting problems, ugh! Wick showed me the best ways to get past his issues. He's so much better now, I think I'll keep him. The jury is still out about Mikey being a psycho. Thanks to Wick, Mikey's much more manageable & down right lovable. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Digging, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall, Toileting
Trainer note from Brent : This is a good example of an experienced client who has a puppy with a different temperament than previous pets. She listened, follow my instructions, and had great results. Mikey was a normal puppy and is not psycho. He has a great owner and pack leader.
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Elgin | August 19 2011
After our dog bit a police officer we had one of two options. Put him down or get a trainer. Wick came to the house and would not even come in because my dog was showing too many signs of aggression. After about an hour of training outside the house my dog warmed up to him and he stayed for almost five hours. Three weeks later Wick came back for a follow up and my dog did not even bark at him at the front door. They give you all of the tools to train and help your dog no matter what the problem. Wick is an awesome trainer and i recommend him to anybody that needs help with their dog. I thought that there was no cure for him but with hard work and the right tools from Wick he is a completely different dog. Thank you Wick. Permalink

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