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Ann Arbor | February 11 2010
I have a 25-pound sheltie named Gizmo. I have had him since he was 9 weeks old. He is full of energy and was constantly running, jumping and barking day and night. Every time the doorbell rang, he would go nuts barking and running around. Every time someone came in my home he would jump all over them and not leave them alone. I live in an apartment complex with a lot of neighbors and every time the entrance door opened or closed he would bark for 10 minutes straight in a high-pitched sound. It drove me crazy to the point where I was seriously thinking about giving him away. But then my vet's receptionist recommended "Bark Busters" and what a wonderful rescue. After the first visit by Ruth, there was a major change in Gizmo. She showed me how Gizmo was training me and not the other way around. Since then, Ruth has come over again, and I have learned a great deal from her. Gizmo is a different dog and only after 2 visits. Ruth taught me how to train Gizmo instead of him training me. He does not bark all night, run around like a crazy dog, bark and jump on people who come over to visit, and when I or my son do not want to play, he settles right down and waits for us. Another thing he did was he went through 4 leashes by chewing them up, but he doesn't do that anymore. Permalink
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Milan | October 09 2009
I'm a 95-pound girl who had a 150-pound dog that she couldn't control. He had made it his personal mission in life to kill all delivery men (especially pizza guys). When someone would knock at the door, he'd go into full "attack mode" - barking, growling, foaming at the mouth, and slamming his body into the door. Sometimes, he'd bark as long as 20 minutes after the person left. If I was the only person home, I'd have to tie my dog to a (VERY) solid couch with his leash, just so he couldn't get to the front door.---After one session with Ruth, I no longer feel the need to tip the pizza guy $20 just for being brave enough to do his job. =) ---Shunka barks maybe once or twice and he doesn't charge the door anymore. He also leaves a respectful distance between himself and the door. His progress (in one day) was absolutely amazing. It's worth every penny.---I can't wait until our next session! I wonder what my dog and I will learn next week. =) Permalink
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Dexter | March 22 2008
I have owned dogs my entire life however I had never heard of Bark Busters. My husband & I have in the last 10 years decided that Rhodesian ridgebacks were the dog for us. My current dog, Max, was a rescue of a kind (the 3-yr-old in his family developed allergies) and we had the luck to adopt him. He was 6 years old at the time. He came with a pre-paid therapist - Bark Busters. My initial thought was something along the lines of "Yeah, right." Permalink
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Michigan Center, MI | March 25 2007
Before Ruth arrived, I was very skeptical...I have a Great Pyrenees and a chocolate Lab. My Pyrenees always barks outside and the neighbors weren't happy. Within the first hour, my dogs were changed. They listened to my husband and I and my Pyrenees did not bark (even with loud neighbors behind us playing). I am simply amazed and cannot thank Bark Busters enough!! Permalink
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Ann Arbor, MI | September 02 2005
Before we contacted Buck and Ruth Skinner, I thought our doggie was a hopeless case. Uncontrollable barking, jumping up, not listening. We love our 4-year-old Corgi, but with a baby on the way, we didn't know how we could control him. Within 2 hours of training with Bark Busters, we began to have hope for dog! Permalink

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