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Shellie D Alpharetta, Georgia | February 26 2020
I recently hired Cody to help me train my 1 year old Aussiedoodle who was totally untrained and she's SUPER hyper! Cody spent a good bit of time with us on the 1st visit to understand not only my goals for the training but as well to understand my dog. He worked wth me to teach me some basic techniques to get started. It was just enough activities to not overwhelm me but enough that it will help me so that my dog is not jumping on everything and everyone and basically taking control. I saw on day 1 that the training does work! While I had many doubts at 1st Cody definitely squashed the doubts that I had. Although it's going to take time, consistency, and a lot of patience, I know that this training will work as long as I follow Cody's instructions which I am doing. It is necessary that you practice at least 2X daily the training tools Cody provides with your dog. I do wish that I had started training with my dog a long time ago as I'm sure it would make this much easier but I am still confident based on everything I've seen so far that this training will work!! Cody is very sweet and helpful and I'm very happy I chose Cody with Bark Busters! Permalink
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Kat L Cumming, Georgia | February 05 2020
Cody is an incredible trainer. We own two miniature dachshunds who for the longest time believed they were boss! During our first session with Cody we were impressed with his confidence in our dogs capabilities and he proved to us that with the right tools and understanding our dogs could do exactly what we asked of them. Cody's training is logical and works - but of course you have to put in the time and work as well in order for there to be success. Cody is the only person my family will go to for help with our pups and I know he'll get us through whatever battle we may need to conquer. We highly recommend him! Permalink
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Steve S
Steve S SNELLVILLE, GA, Georgia | May 17 2019
Cody was a great advisor for our Lab puppy ANGEL who is 9 1/2 months old. Cody covered everything about what was in the provided folder of information which described how we as humans are seen by our pets and how we need to be the leader so that our dog will listen to us. Cody is gifted as he was able to make friends with my pup who barks at everyone. I will certainly follow all of the suggested training exercises throughout the weeks ahead. My pup loves to be trained. Permalink
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Kaye D Cumming, Georgia | April 09 2019
Cody is a great trainer! He obviously has a love and a passion for training and for dogs. He was great with our obnoxious dog and was great helping us learn how to control her. He worked with us on the actual issues we were having instead of just a general training routine. We will recommend him to everyone we know needing a trainer. Permalink
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Katherine D Canton, Georgia | February 20 2019
Cody came today for our first visit and the improvement in our three little girls - two dachshunds and a yorkie - was absolutely amazing. He has such a calm but direct approach with the dogs and they responded so well to him and his techniques. So grateful to have found this company and more importantly to have Cody for our trainer. We have new dogs already and it's just the first day. Permalink
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Leah P
Leah P Cumming, Georgia | December 25 2018
***LONG REVIEW BUT WORTH THE READ*** This is my sweet, rowdy, rambunctious, and very demanding pup Rhodi! As a first time puppy owner, I just wanted to keep her happy. I let her get away with a lot! I quickly realized that I was not in charge of her but she was in charge of me. What I thought was being sweet was in Rhodi's mind "I can do whatever I want because I won't be punished for it." She would chew any object she could find, bark at me constantly when I wasn't doing what she wanted, would not listen to me when I would call her name, jumped on me and other people, tried to escape out the front door, and peed in the house. I watched videos upon videos but nothing helped! I was doing research on dog trainers and the first thing I thought was "this is so overpriced!" As a young college student with a rowdy dog, I was determined to find the best price with the most qualified trainer and I did! Bark Busters and specifically Cody are the best thing I could have done for both me and Rhodi. I was really nervous about having someone in my home "telling" me how to train my dog, but Cody TAUGHT me. If there was something I was struggling with, like leash training, he showed me an alternative way for me to get her to listen to me. The thought in my mind was "wow, he's not making me do it this way because it's the right way, but he found me a way that was Rhodi's right way I could do confidently." Cody was validating my feelings about not wanting to hurt Rhodi's feelings and continued to talk to me about ways that would not harm my dog or hurt her feelings. Simply being able to "talk" to Rhodi in a way she could understand that I was in charge and that she would still be safe and okay was the goal. In a matter of 2 hours Rhodi was trained! Cody did his job and now it's my turn to do mine with her by following through with the keys to success only Cody could have given to me. Permalink
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Trainer note from Cody Murphy : Thank you Leah it was a pleasure working with you guys!
Stephanie P
Stephanie P Washington, Dt. of Columbia | October 09 2018
What a transformation! My mini Australian Shepard/ poodle mix had been presenting aggression towards both dogs and other people for almost a year. We worked with a previous trainer for 6 weeks a few months before working with Cody, but did not see large improvements in his aggression and territorialness over my husband and I . I contacted Bark Busters and instantly had an appointment with Cody in 2 days. Cody was honest and precise in explaining the training to fit our dogs needs. After learning the techniques, Cody was even able to witness an interaction with another dog in which my dog would have typically attacked the dog, but when we implemented the technique, it was amazing! Our dog was obedient and remained calm! Even after the session, the techniques are still working and proving to be so successful! Thank you so much Cody! Permalink
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Lisa P Washington, Dt. of Columbia | August 23 2018
Best thing I've ever done for myself and my dogs! I have a Yorkshire terrier and a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix and I absolutely love them, but I felt as if they took over my entire life. Leaving the house for work in the morning, or leaving for anything, gave me so much anxiety because they would start whining and barking. I tried several things and it either didn't help or made it worse. I felt bad because I didn't want to upset the neighbors and I hated that my dogs got so anxious whenever I would leave them alone. After one training session with Cody, my dogs don't make any noise when I leave and I couldn't believe it happened that fast! Cody was very pleasant to work with and took the time to address all of my questions and concerns during and after the training session. I am absolutely amazed how much my life has improved by learning how to properly communicate with my dogs. I look forward to working with Cody in the future so I can continue to improve my relationship with my dogs. Permalink
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Ray H
Ray H Washington, Dt. of Columbia | August 12 2018
Cody's energy, enthusiasm and consistency was evident from the start of our training session with him. He was great with our dog, Nala. Cody walked us through all of the different strategies to use and we practiced which situations to apply them in. I've seen a considerable difference in Nala. For example, Nala after two hours of training suddenly stop pulling during walks and this has continued days after. For this alone, we'll definitely have Cody work with our dog again. Best trainer I've worked with in the DMV. Permalink
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