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Connor Willey, Hanna Briestensky, and Michelle Willey

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Alexandra M Scottsdale, Arizona | February 23 2022
I'm so happy I chose Bark Busters! I needed desperate help training my puppy Guy, a mini Australian Shepherd. I couldn't have guests over, we had problems walking on the leash, uncontrollable barking, an inconsistent eating schedule and more. After just one visit, I had a completely different dog thanks to Connor! Within days, I was able to have guests over without a problem. Connor explained why Guy was behaving the way he was so we were able to better fix our situation. We were given daily exercises that made a huge impact. I didn't realize how much happier we could be with a well behaved dog - Guy is much happier now too! I really appreciate how invested they are in making sure you have the right training specific to your dog and family. Connor helped us identify a lot of issues that I didn't even realize could be fixed! Bark Busters training methods are the best and I'm very thankful for them! Permalink

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