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Chelsea W Berkeley, California | October 27 2021
Dan has been working with my stubborn English bulldog for three sessions now and I'm so impressed with the progress! Before training with Dan she was incessantly barking for attention, not listening to commands, and all general being difficult. After the first session I saw a decrease in the attention barking! My dog immediately responded well to Dan and his techniques. While we are still making baby steps, the training has really improved my relationship with my dog. I'm able to regain her attention now when my anxious dog gets fixated on something, walk out the front door without her tripping me, and she's getting all around less bossy. Dan focuses on how to communicate with your dog, establish leadership, and in turn trust. He teaches you how to correct your dog in a humane, but effective way. It's not a magic fix, it takes time and effort, but if you're willing to keep up with the exercises he shows you, you will see important improvements for you and your dog. Dan is committed to helping your pet. I was so worried about hiring a trainer and not having it work. I thought I would end up discouraged if I couldn't find a trainer that knew how to handle my dogs needs, but I can say it was the best investment in my bully's and mine relationship I could have made. If I get a second dog ever, Dan will be my first call to rehire. Permalink
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Tracey V
Tracey V Carmichael, California | October 21 2021
Dan took control of Pepper's behavior the second he walked into my house. Pepper is struggling with separation anxiety and the ear-piercing barking that goes along with it. Dan expresses confidence and calmness. His techniques take practice but are easy to learn. Pepper’s out-of-control barking stopped almost immediately (honestly). Dan helped me to realize how much Pepper's behaviors mimic my own. I am high anxiety; I hate leaving him alone and I constantly demand his attention. My behaviors taught Pepper that he needs to protect me, and that I will not be OK if I am not within sight. I need to teach Pepper to be my dog; my buddy and know I will protect him. I am a new dog owner and Pepper was 1yr when I adopted him. He did not have a traumatic background, but already had anxious behaviors. The practiced techniques already have Pepper and me calmer. I am much more confident leaving him alone. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Separation anxiety

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