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Chris M Media, Delaware, Pennsylvania | April 07 2019
We are working with Donald to improve the behavior and obedience of our lab, Koda, who was about 14 months old when we started. By working with Donald in person and by working on his training on a daily basis we’ve seen large improvements in only 2 months time. He used to pull ahead of us on a leash, and now he walks by our side. He used to have poor gate/door behavior, but now responds every time to “stay” until you instruct him to follow you through the door. He responds to corrections of bad behavior much better. While he still has room for improvement in walking and chewing, I’m confident that in our continued work with Donald we will get there. Donald is skilled and calm, and is great at training you to train your dog. Good luck in your pet training endeavors! Permalink
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Laura M Berwyn, Pennsylvania | January 13 2019
I adopted Daisy and Ria within a short time of one another. As rescues, they both came with their own set of behavioral issues. We had completed basic obedience classes, but that didn't help with the issues we had - barking, jumping up, basic recall, anxiety. Barkbusters and Donald helped teach me to speak dog and to train them. After meeting Donald and implementing his suggestions, my girls are already so much better behaved! Walks have become more enjoyable, my apartment isn't a giant pee pad, and I'm not getting notes on my door saying my dogs are barking all day long. Best of all - I can still work on basic obedience without bribing them with treats! Permalink
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Maria W Aston, Pennsylvania | November 14 2018
Donald is amazing! He is so patient both with us and with our dogs. He is knowledgeable and understanding. He really takes the time to make sure he fully understands the issues, and that he provides you with methods to address the issues that actually work. We started seeing a difference in our dogs immediately. They no longer jump on us when we walk in the door, they are listening better, walking better on a leash and are overall better behaved. Donald happily makes sure to go over everything he teaches us multiple times so we know exactly what we need to do, and why we are doing it/ how it works. Donald has also introduced us to several Bark Buster products that are great too, including puzzle toys and training collars. Overall wonderful experience. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
Alexandra M
Alexandra M Wayne, Pennsylvania | November 13 2018
Donald has done an incredible job helping us with puppy management. He is punctual, patient, thorough and kind with every visit. He is available at the drop of a text, email or call and always gets back to us quickly. Donald has been an incredible resource that is available whenever you need! Penelope has been very responsive to all of the commands and exercises Donald has taught us. Thank you so much Bark Busters! We couldn’t have gotten through this process without your help! This has been an incredible experience and I would recommend to anyone. Permalink
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Sam M
Sam M Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania | October 14 2018
Donald was a huge help in showing us how to communicate with Susie to train her out of her problem habits. He had detailed, easy-to-understand answers to all of our questions also walked through the exercises for us to do during the week. Susie had improvements within a few days, and we would not have been able to do it without his instruction. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety, Toileting
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Katy G Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania | October 08 2018
Donald put my mind at ease! Having a puppy can be daunting, but after my first session with him, I feel like everything is more manageable and I can already see that my dog, Hank, is responding. Love Bark Busters and everything was explained well. It's also great to know they'll always be there for whatever comes up! Permalink
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Sibil J Broomall, Pennsylvania | October 08 2018
My husband and I heard about Bark Busters from the rescue we got our little Duke from. Duke is a German Shepherd Mix, possibly mixed with Pitbull so we wanted to make sure we train him properly from the very beginning, especially since we plan on starting a family soon. We met with our local trainer Donald and went over all of our goals for Duke. Donald was on time, professional, listened carefully to Duke's goals and clearly communicated what Bark Buster's philosophies were and how we can train Duke to the best of our ability. Donald also went through a few exercises that have been a huge help. We are looking forward to working with Donald in the future and can't wait to see Duke's progress unfold! Thanks Bark Busters! Permalink
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Sandra M Lansdale, Montgomery, Pennsylvania | September 17 2018
Donald is a great trainer. My new dog is very frightened of everything. I called Donald b/c she would not come out of the crate...not even to potty. In one visit, he told me that I needed to build a stronger bond with my dog. He told me how. He gave me toys to intrigue her and help her relax. My dog and I are a work in progress. We are working on getting her to look at me and return to me when called. It is a bit overwhelming but Donald has helped me break it down into small steps that my dog can succeed at ! He has also helped me refine my technique and get better at communicating with my dog. Donald is a very good teacher to humans and dogs. When I have questions or problems, I can call for immediate help or I can make an appointment. The appointments have been scheduled in 24 hrs or less. Donald understands that when I need help....I really need help! We are at the beginning of this process, but Donald has made it clear that he is there for the entire journey! Permalink
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Jessica L Hatfield, Pennsylvania | July 26 2018
I really appreciate the time Donald took to explain and demonstrate techniques to gain control over situations. He also explained a little about why dogs act the way they do and how I should respond. Zoey has made so much progress. I would recommend to anyone who is having trouble with their dog. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Recall, Separation anxiety
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Bill C Villanova, Pennsylvania | May 16 2018
We came to Bark Busters with a concern that our dog, which is a rescue adoption, was acting aggressively to strangers. The dog would reflexively bark and potentially bite, when a stranger directly approached them. With the techniques that Donald, our trainer taught us, we were able to control our dog and change his behavior. Permalink
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