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Larkspur | June 15 2010
We saw results with Abbey immediately. We asked lots of questions and got a wealth of information. It seemed so natural. We would recommend Bark Busters to all our friends and family. Permalink
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San Rafael | June 15 2010
I am fascinated by the whole concept and theories. They really work, if you are dedicated and consistant and trust your trainer. I realized I was in a power struggle with my dog. Keller, my dog, jumps, plays too rough, and yanks me on our walks. He doesn't know his own strength. But fortunately my Bark Busters trainer, Karen Gaines, has been so supportive and accessible through cell phone, e-mails and various visits. My deaf puppy and I are on our way to success with easy training instructions. The whole process is so fascinating, and I wish I knew of Karen sooner. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone who has a dog. I would also like to especially highlight Karen Gaines and her innate skills. Watching her with my deaf and visually-impared Catahoula/Great Dane is incredible. She is truly gifted, and it's magical to watch. She is very kind and patient, and a very motivating trainer. Once you realize that you actually hired the trainer for yourself, and not the dog, the training process is not only pleasurable, but quite remarkable. Permalink
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San Francisco | May 22 2010
I was very impressed with Karen's approach to training and would recommend her to any of my clients for dog training. She spent several hours working with me and my dogs, and I was shocked to see how quickly my dogs responded to her training tips. I appreciated the fact that she does not rely on either training by treats or punishment to achieve results. She takes the time to understand what the problems are and then is able to come up with practical solutions. Also,by training in the home, she is able to evaluate behavior problems more effectively. Permalink

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