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Ellana B Studio City, California | July 12 2022
wowww after our first session with Karina, we saw an immediate improvement with our 10mo old pup! thank you Karina for showing us how to respond and correct properly to gain trust! We were at a loss when she started showing anxiety, not walking, jumping, guarding, and just generally not being responsive to us seemingly out of nowhere, and Karina really helped us understand how to communicate in a consistent way so our pup can feel more confident and secure, especially after a trauma, she started walking again and I'm so so happy to have my sweet girl back! Permalink
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Megan M Los Angeles, California | July 12 2022
Karina was very informative and thoughtful from the very first moment. We received great tools for learning how to help Kenzo through his anxieties and how we can re-establish our role as leaders of the pack. Permalink
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Marjorie P Los Angeles, California | July 12 2022
My German Shepherd Shakira and I are so appreciative of our training session with Erind! We have been practicing all the skills we learned and Shakira is doing so wonderfully! I know my feeling more confident has definitely rubbed off on Shakira! My Shepherd is a BIG girl, and Erind assisted me in utilizing skills that really help to work with Shakira in a way that is empowering for both of us. I would recommend them if you have challenges with barking, recall, attentiveness, and leash training. I am seeing a great improvement! Thank you Erind and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Brittany M Los Angeles, California | June 25 2022
Karina was really great with Bossa and taught me how to be a leader and have Bossa respect me. I have a very confident, leash reactive/aggressive small dog. Karina was super patient and showed me what I needed to do, and alternate methods that would work better for me. Looking forward to seeing more progress with Bossa's behavior, and working further with Karina. I would definitely recommend it, I feel I have the tools to confidently take my dog on walks and will continually develop them. Permalink
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Maria C Los Angeles, California | June 20 2022
Thank you Bark Busters! I had problems with my pit bull since I adopted him and it got to a point where I was constantly frustrated with his behavior. He would pull on walks, lunge at other dogs, bark in the house, and the front door when someone knocked. I knew I needed help and that's when I called Bark Busters. Erind came in and immediately assessed my dog's situation and started educating me on how to communicate with dogs in a way dogs understand. He was professional and very informative. After just one session I was in shock at the improvement in my dog and I could not believe how fast he caught on and listened. I highly recommend Erind and Bark Busters to anyone who is struggling with their dog’s behavior!! Permalink
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Miguel M Los Angeles, California | June 16 2022
What a great experience! Very professional and informative. Permalink
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Matthew R North Hollywood, California | June 13 2022
My overall assessment is excellent! They helped me mostly by giving me an outside view as to what I can do better with Lexus. It's crazy now that I look back on the care of my dog and see what is now obvious. Thanks for setting us straight! Permalink
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Leyana M North Hollywood, California | June 12 2022
We reached out to Bark Busters a week after adopting a 4-year-old female pit from the Bakersfield pound. Her and the 1-year-old Pekingese that we've had since 8 weeks old we're having a tough time adjusting to each other. Our Pekingese was barking and biting our new pup and in response, she would growl and charge him. We didn't think we'd be able to keep her but after one session with Karina, they are doing great! Our first session was 3 hours and we learned so much. It felt so nice to know we had control over the situation and that our dogs actually listen and understand the techniques Bark Busters uses. Karina was awesome and so personable. She validated everything we had been feeling and gave us the tools and knowledge to solve the issues. We even left them alone to go to the market for the first time and they did great! Hiring Karina was the best money we've ever spent. I have never had a personal dog trainer but we hit gold and will continue to use them in the future for any new dogs we get and definitely recommend them to anyone we know who is looking for a trainer! Permalink
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Gloria S Santa Monica, California | June 11 2022
Honestly, they are one of the best trainers, I've had. Very patient, and their techniques are so easy to remember unlike other trainers I've been to! I highly recommend working with Karina! Permalink
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Alicia B
Alicia B Sherman Oaks, California | June 10 2022
I recently adopted a young chihuahua mix with terrible separation anxiety that manifests as unrelenting barking, much to the distress of me and all of my neighbors. After all of the tips and tools for addressing the problem on my own my Google searching led me to failed, I realized it was time to call a professional. After just one session with Karina, it's like I have a different dog. One with just regular separation anxiety, not severe separation anxiety. I look forward to continuing the training plan Karina created for us and continuing to work with Karina until my little anxious girl is no longer anxious at all! Permalink
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