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Leyana M North Hollywood, California | June 12 2022
We reached out to Bark Busters a week after adopting a 4-year-old female pit from the Bakersfield pound. Her and the 1-year-old Pekingese that we've had since 8 weeks old we're having a tough time adjusting to each other. Our Pekingese was barking and biting our new pup and in response, she would growl and charge him. We didn't think we'd be able to keep her but after one session with Karina, they are doing great! Our first session was 3 hours and we learned so much. It felt so nice to know we had control over the situation and that our dogs actually listen and understand the techniques Bark Busters uses. Karina was awesome and so personable. She validated everything we had been feeling and gave us the tools and knowledge to solve the issues. We even left them alone to go to the market for the first time and they did great! Hiring Karina was the best money we've ever spent. I have never had a personal dog trainer but we hit gold and will continue to use them in the future for any new dogs we get and definitely recommend them to anyone we know who is looking for a trainer! Permalink
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Gloria S Santa Monica, California | June 11 2022
Honestly, they are one of the best trainers, I've had. Very patient, and their techniques are so easy to remember unlike other trainers I've been to! I highly recommend working with Karina! Permalink
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Alicia B
Alicia B Sherman Oaks, California | June 10 2022
I recently adopted a young chihuahua mix with terrible separation anxiety that manifests as unrelenting barking, much to the distress of me and all of my neighbors. After all of the tips and tools for addressing the problem on my own my Google searching led me to failed, I realized it was time to call a professional. After just one session with Karina, it's like I have a different dog. One with just regular separation anxiety, not severe separation anxiety. I look forward to continuing the training plan Karina created for us and continuing to work with Karina until my little anxious girl is no longer anxious at all! Permalink
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Elizabeth A Marina Del Rey, California | June 09 2022
Karina is fantastic and my puppy really likes her. This is my first dog so I am nervous! Karina explained things so well that I feel more confident in my ability to teach my puppy how to be a good dog. And she will be available when I have questions or problems. So happy I found Karina and Barkbusters!!! Permalink
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Angeline T
Angeline T West Hollywood, California | June 02 2022
Bark Busters Los Angeles is amazing!!! Couldn't be happier finding them! I want to mention that I researched about 7 different companies and they gave me some insight on how they did things like crate training, bark collars, etc. What sparked my interest was there aren't any bark collars involved! I first spoke to Derek for my initial appointment. He was so helpful and mentioned Karina was also a doggie nutritionist. That in itself is already a great deal! Karina came by earlier which was nice! Very sweet and had such a great positive attitude! Let's just say she impressed us so much and already got our dogs to stop barking at the door! I do like how we communicate to the dogs instead of forcing them to do things which makes sense and confuses them. The training works and we're excited to see more improvements. It's only been 3 days we're ecstatic! Crazy thing is that before our lesson we were even recommended Bark Busters! They really changed our way of what we though dog training was. They also offer a lifetime support which is insane cus I have seen so many people waste money on training with no results! I recommend everyone to bark busters and if you can request Karina, I HIGHLY recommend her! She felt like a friend teaching us the much needed ropes and made us feel very comfortable. They also will follow the dog after one time payment IF the owner rehomes! It shows home much they care for the muppets! Thank you so much for everything and we look forward to working with you forever! Permalink
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Katherine D Los Angeles, California | April 25 2022
Karina immediately established a connection with us and our little guy, Seamus. She made him feel loved and safe and then smoothly transitioned into the educator/disciplinarian all while treating Seamus with love and teaching us how best to communicate with him. We could not believe how quickly Seamus responded to the techniques Karina demonstrated. Afterwards, she sat with us and we made a long term plan for Seamus, setting goals for what we expect and breaking down how best to achieve them. My fiancé and I could not be more pleased with how everything went. We fully intend to keep up with the exercises and will forever recommend Karina to all our dog parent friends. It's evident that she truly loves what she does and is exceptional at it. Thank you, Karina!! Permalink
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Nury B Los Angeles, California | April 23 2022
Karina from Bark Busters is a great professional. We were looking for a certified dog trainer that could deal with behavioral issues like aggression and after looking for months we found her! Her methods guided us not only with our problem but she showed us how to speak our dog’s language!! With only one session we were able to stop and correct our dogs aggression and other behaviors. We were and still are amazed by the training methods of Karina and Bark Busters and can’t wait for our next session! Permalink
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Gina S Los Angeles, California | April 20 2022
It has only been one day since my first appointment with Karina and I am in disbelief at the change in my dog already. He is a rescue with protection and anxiety issues, so he has been aggressive with other dogs and people he is unfamiliar with. Karina came in and showed me how I needed to make him feel secure with me as his leader and correct some of the bad behavior. I think both myself and the dog are in shock at how quickly he adapted to these changes. I can't wait to see how he progresses as we work together with Karina and on our own. Permalink
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Charles C
Charles C Los Angeles, California | April 20 2022
We saw the dog trainer today, Karina, and she was phenomenal. Our dog was pretty much instantly trained the second she walked in the door and went to work! She showed us some amazing, simple things to get our 8-month-old Bernese Mountain dog to do anything we want him to do and more importantly to instantly stop doing things that were a problem! We now know how to speak his language and get him to understand us! The results were immediate and my wife and I can enjoy our puppy again! What's also amazing is that we can call the trainer up anytime in the future for the life of the dog, if we need any training tweaks which makes training with Bark Busters well worth the investment! Other training services might be comparable in price or even less expensive, but the fact that this comes with a lifetime guarantee means that in the long run you'll end up spending less money and will be happy forever! Permalink
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Alissa G
Alissa G Long Beach, California | April 19 2022
Karina has helped me so much in the past few months that we've been working together! My dog Bailey bit a family friend and after that I saw a complete change in him. My once happy and friendly dog started to struggle with so much anxiety and fear aggression. He had a completely different personality and i felt so alone and stuck. With in our first session I learned so much about my dog and how he's thinking. Karina provided me with so much advice and tools to help my dog Bailey slowly but surely improve his fears and behavior. I switched his diet, exercise, and mental stimulation and he has improved a lot from when we first began. To say Karina has helped us is an understatement, she's changed our lives and helping my dog live an amazing, healthy life style. He still has a long ways to go but we wouldn't be here if I hadn't contacted Bark Busters. Permalink
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