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Violet C Los Angeles, California | April 01 2022
Karina was incredibly helpful with my dog. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a relatable trainer and quick results. Permalink
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Savannah M Los Angeles, California | March 30 2022
I am so thankful to have found Bark Busters! Karina is literally amazing! She is helping me with my anxious bulldog and after an hour I've already seen such a difference! I love that she doesn't bribe with treats but teaches you how to communicate with your dog! Permalink
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Jennifer N Los Angeles, California | March 19 2022
We started working with Karina in late December and it changed our lives. We adopted a senior dog who came with some bad habits firmly established. Coco's barking and growling were out of control, and we had tried other training techniques and nothing was working. Karina came to our home and gave our whole family a training session. We keep in contact with Karina and continue to learn additional training techniques from her. We have learned so much from working with Karina and have seen great improvement in Coco's behavior. We are huge fans of Karina and Bark Busters. Coco too!! Permalink
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Charnay M
Charnay M Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California | March 11 2022
Karina is an actual miracle worker and has literally changed our lives - I rescued my terrier mix Keeley at 9 months after she was found as a stray and she was very anxious and fearful and had no idea how to behave around other dogs so all she did was bark. Within a month with Karina's help Keeley is now way less anxious and loves her walks and even now makes friends with other dogs in the park! The techniques Karina taught me were not only easy to implement but also gave me the tools to understand what was causing the issue and how to fix it. We couldn't be more thankful to Karina and Barkbusters. Keeley was even able to go to the groomers and not be anxious thanks to Karina! Permalink
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Sarah T Los Angeles, California | March 03 2022
Karina came over and instantly bonded with our dog Otis. She was professional, easy to talk to, and very clear with her directions/instructions. She brought over materials, sent me everything electronically as well, and was very sweet to our dog. She also trained me on how to be a good trainer for our dog! Karina helped us with making sure Otis doesn't jump on visitors, learned to not pull while walking on a leash, and even advised on his supplements and medications. She made me feel really understood and comfortable. I recommend her! Permalink
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Vanessa A Los Angeles, California | February 24 2022
Karina came into our home and did a thorough consultation with us, asking more questions about our 5-month-old pup's behaviors, and concerns, and even extending the conversation to nutrition and lifestyle. Immediately, she was able to gain our pup's attention on targets such as recall and provided demonstrations on how we should do them ourselves. It's only been a few days so we will update you regarding the process Permalink
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Stacy G Los Angeles, California | February 22 2022
Karina! You are the best! You explained everything that Mazel and I need to do to correct our situation! You made things simple and easy! I am sooo excited to get this started and see results! You rock! Stacy, Maz and Murph Permalink
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Trey C Los Angeles, California | February 17 2022
Thanks to the techniques Karina showed us, our dog Henri is much less anxious and obnoxious. He used to bark at everything (squirrels, cars, other dogs), and wasn't able to go on walks without zig-zagging ahead and tugging on his leash. Now he walks calmly by my side and stops barking when I tell him to, if he barks at all. Overall he just seems much more calm and relaxed. Permalink
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Chelsea D Los Angeles, California | December 22 2021
When I tell you Karina changed my life, this is not an understatement. As the owner of two french bulldogs, one, in particular, my 6-year-old boy had shown signs of aggression and had bit my fiance and me on occasion. Frustrated, scared, and sad in our own space we were at the end of our rope and I came across Bark Busters. Karina came in and immediately got started, in a caring, compassionate and authoritative matter she trained me to talk to my dogs and to command the respect that allows us all to live comfortably and enjoy our time together. Karina left after our first visit and I cried. Actual tears. There was a relief, there was understanding and most importantly light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing we have access to Bark Busters for life is the reassurance we needed. Both of my babies have thrived with the tools Karina has imposed on us. I will truly never be able to thank Karina and Bark Busters for their support and knowledge. If you're feeling like you're defeated - don't give up on your babies. Invest in this. It truly works. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Permalink
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Katy B Los Angeles, California | October 24 2021
I don't usually write reviews, but Bark Busters deserves this and so does my trainer! Karina fully exceeded my high expectations. She is a top-shelf professional with impeccable customer service a genuinely caring demeanor. And most importantly, Karina knows her training stuff. After a brief chat she assessed my dog's behaviors and put me to work! We spent the next three hours going over hands' on exercises- which were immediately successful! Karina supplemented me with written and video descriptions of my homework and left me with a snazzy packet and training chart ;) Karina also made wonderful recommendations for better food and toys and remedies to reduce my dog's level three separation anxiety, and all are on their way! Finally, Karina assured me that we would stay in contact and prepare for our follow up visit. Here are a few concrete improvements that I have seen in Chase since starting YESTERDAY: My husky mix is no longer is out of control on walks, no longer attaches to me at every turn, no longer overreacts to a door knock, and can go five full minutes without barking/howling/or hurting my house after I leave. And it will only get better. I am proud to have made The call to Bark Busters after seeing a television program highlighting their approach. Yes, it is expensive, but worth it for anyone who loves their ailing dog and wants to be the alpha dog mom they crave and deserve. Call Bark Busters, you won't be disappointed. Permalink
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