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Gary L Henderson, Nevada | March 24 2017
Lissette and Derek are really great! And I was so impressed that our little Yorkie learned so much the first visit. Excited to know that we have learned how to quiet our little barker. Permalink
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Destiny H Las Vegas, Nevada | March 24 2017
Derek and Lissette gave us just what we needed! After one lesson, our 8 week old puppy was no longer barking in his crate at night - UNBELIEVABLE! We are currently working to get our 1 1/2 year old under control. The best part about Bark Busters is our dogs still get to be dogs. They still sleep in the bed with us and WE decide what behaviors are acceptable in our house, then Derek and Lissette give us the tools needed to achieve successful leadership. I highly recommend Bark Busters Las Vegas for anyone who is willing to use Derek and Lissettes knowledge to continue working with their dogs even after the trainers have left the building. Update- Called Derek and Lissette for a revisit and they were able to come by 3 days later! Once again super helpful and they really care about our dogs. Highly Recommend! Permalink
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Lisa F Las vegas, Nevada | March 20 2017
I highly recommend using Bark Busters! My co-worker used Bark Busters for her dog and I saw such a huge difference in her dog immediately, so I wanted them to help me with my dog, Leia. Derek and Lissette were at our house for 3hrs for the first lesson and saw a huge difference in Leia immediately as well. Leia is responding so well to her daily training homework that Lissette gave us. Derek and Lissette are nothing but professional and competent in everything they do. I am looking forward to future training lessons with them so we can learn more :) Permalink
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George O Boulder City, Nevada | March 16 2017
We have two dogs, a yellow lab and a boxer mix. We had originally worked with Bark Busters and a different trainer more than a year ago and purchased the life time of the dog service package. Our boxer mix unfortunately was attacked while on leash with us more than three times while walking around our neighborhood since that training and thus began having leash reactivity and aggression towards other dogs. I made the call to Derek and he came out the very next day. He spent two hours helping us refine our former training with her and helping us with new training that involved desensitization to help her have more confidence. After two weeks of going back over the basics with her and implementing some new training that he showed us, she is much calmer and walking with us instead of flailing about and getting anxious and aggressive when she hears or sees another dog. I have no doubt that in a few more short weeks we will be able to walk completely calmly once again and everyone can enjoy the fresh air. Thank you Derek! Permalink
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Carlye R Las Vegas, Nevada | March 15 2017
Derek and Lissette are incredible people with the knowledge of dogs like no one else I have spoke to! They are easy to talk to, they are incredible teachers, and within the first session our puppy immediately had changes in her behavior and began to respond to us so much more. Their methods makes sense and are important to understand. I recommend them to anyone looking for any type of training for your dog or puppy. Permalink
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Patty A Vegas, Nevada | March 14 2017
We recently contacted Derek and Lissette about resuming our training for our 2 year old Beagle mix. We wanted to move forward towards therapy dog training and other issues we have. One of Lissette's first comment was that She needed our full attention. I loved that. To me, it meant She means business. We worked for over an hour on specific exercises to guide us and Lissette gave us the tools we needed. My Husband and I are implementing these exercises and amazingly to us, our Coco is responding. I truly believe that having professional help leaves our pets with less stress because there are clear and kind ways of training. Thank You Lissette for helping us help Coco. Permalink
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Steven M Boulder City, Nevada | March 14 2017
I've been working with Derek and Lissette on training my doberman since she was about 8 weeks old. We have accomplished a lot with basic obedience. They are very insightful on how to instill good behaviors as my pup grows. I get a lot of compliments from random strangers on how wonderful of a dog my Lexi is. I look forward to working with bark busters in the future to continue with Lexi's training. Permalink
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Chloe R Henderson Nv, Nevada | February 10 2017
Derek and Lissette, Thank you so much for all you have done! You guys have been great these past few months with Skye. I really enjoyed the training and the techniques they used, my pup has adjusted to the way they trained and still follows the commands. I 100% recommend them to work on your fur baby, they know what they're doing and are always looking out for the best of your pet. If you have just 15 minutes a day to spend and work on training and keep it consistent you'll have a all round well fur baby. Keep up the wonderful work guys! AND AGAIN THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! Permalink
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Akira A Las Vegas, Nevada | February 02 2017
Amazayzayzing! I have a 10 month old frenchbull dog who has a lot of fear but acts like a tough guy. We had issues with his biting and controling our house. Derek and lissette taught us how to take control. They gave us the tools and lessons. It's amazing how their business works and it's for the life of my brobro. I know with any situation I can text lissette or Derek and can get a response instead of being frustrated. It's great to have mentors in anything you want to achieve. Being a leader to my dog is what I wanted so we can alll be happy together. Every day he gets better and better. You get what you put in. Invest in yourself and dog and hire bark busters. Thank you guys! Rika, aaron and Brody bodhi Permalink
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Anita P Las Vegas, Nevada | January 26 2017
Derek and Lissette such lovely human beings and know what they got to achieve with my stubborn dog Angel ! No harsh punishments or things used that will harm the dog in training.. well organised and training schedule made in order to train my dog .. we loved the overall approach and happy with the training technique!! Permalink
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