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Kristina F Hackensack, New Jersey | October 12 2014
Greg was truly patient and understanding. He went above and beyond my expectations of any trainer. He worked with both my dogs Avalon and Inigo very well. Giving them each individual attention. He educated me in a way which was clear and concise and gave me instruction that I can easily implement into the daily routine to further aid my dogs in learning productive future behavior. My dogs are responding very well. I appreciate Greg very much for his time and caring. I look forward to working with him again. Permalink
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Tammy L
Tammy L Dumont, New Jersey | September 12 2014
Greg from Bark Busters was referred to me from my Vet and it was the best thing I have ever done. Even though Jax is only 10 months, very fast he learned how he ruled the house and I needed to change that. Within 2 hours I felt like I had a completely different dog and the best part was Greg taught me how to take the control back, he didn't just do it himself. I know that without Greg's help I would just continue to be frustrated with Jax and that would be unhealthily for both of us. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone! Permalink
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Jaime J
Jaime J Emerson, New Jersey | September 11 2014
Petey had a rough go at life until the day we rescued him..but although we wanted to shower him with love he has had his moments of unease and tended to use his mouth as a way to try to solve problems. We didn't want to be 'one more family' that just gave up on him and with the help of Greg, we didn't have to! He took the time to explain to us a dog's way of thinking and what would work best in order to have Petey understand that he CAN trust us and also know that we are the 'leaders' of the house - not him. Petey responded SO quickly to the very simple correction techniques Greg provided us with. Of course it is a work in progress, but after the session with Greg it felt as if a big weight was taken off our shoulders. Petey showed immediate signs of submission, but more importantly, HAPPINESS and trust in US that we are there to look out for him and have his best interests at heart. I cannot thank Greg enough for his knowledge and guidance and would recommend him to ANYONE who needs any kind of help with their furbabies. Permalink
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Marie D
Marie D Nutley, New Jersey | August 27 2014
Logan is a 15 month old german shepherd who is a lovable gentle giant when he truly wants to be. Scarred by previous incidents at the animal clinic through getting "handled" put Logan at a distrust with strangers. After going through obedience training a year ago and still not seeing an improvement as far as his interactions with humans as well as other animals, I was referred to by several people to reach out to Greg. Approachable, helpful, and 100% honest, I can't help but think why didn't I find him sooner. By far, he has taught my family and I several techniques for getting him under control when meeting new people. We're still at the very beginning of the training journey for Logan but I have the utmost confidence about the potential he has for growth and improvement with Greg's guidance. I have been able to have Logan to pay attention to me more than ever before. Although there is still so much to still be worked on, I can't wait to continue with the little improvements Logan has already made! Thank you for being there for my family and I Greg! You are the Bomb Dot Com. Permalink
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Anna B Jersey City, New Jersey | August 13 2014
Greg Kleva did an excellent job of helping me to train my sweet but rambunctious Jack Russell terriers, Lucia and Jack. Though we are still in the beginning stages, the change in their behavior has been quite remarkable. For example, I am able to get them to stop barking, come to me when I call them, heel during walks, respond to bikes, skateboarders, other dogs while walking, etc. in a much calmer manner. I can already feel a lessening of stress levels both in me and in my pups. Greg treated all of us with respect and kindness. He developed an instant rapport with my pups and made it seem (though I know that I need to practice) easy to train them. We've made a great start with an excellent trainer! Lucia, Jack and I are most grateful and eager to learn more! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
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Dina S Park Ridge, New Jersey | August 11 2014
Greg was great - he taught our dog great behaviours in the very first session and they've stuck! Permalink
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Meg B Dumont, New Jersey | May 11 2014
We are very pleased with the progress that our dog Abby has made. With just one lesson from Greg, we were able to correct some of her worst behaviors. Her state of mind was changed after Greg showed us how to handle her, and she is more enjoyable to be around. We look forward to seeing Greg again for some fine tuning or her training. She is still a work in progress, but has made some great strides. We were very satisfied with the information that Greg provided us. Permalink
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Matt Y Little Ferry, New Jersey | May 05 2014
Greg is not only extremely knowledgeable but he's also honest and practical with his training methods. His expert advice helped me quickly make some changes with my dog's training. Thanks Greg! Permalink
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nick /karen G
nick /karen G jersey city, New Jersey | March 30 2014
From the moment Greg walked in the front door i knew he was "our guy" to help get our Jack Russell (our son) on the right path. Milo is suffering with aggression issues and extreme separation anxiety. Greg's confidence and knowledge made my wife and I relaxed immediately, it was like he was reading our minds!! For the first time since Milo was a puppy my wife and I were able to smile and see our "little boy" show signs of relaxation and confidence he was lacking. I would recommend Greg to ANYONE in need of help with their pet. It will be be a work in progress for us but we are blessed to have Greg help us along the way. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Separation anxiety
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Matthew G Tenafly, New Jersey | March 23 2014
First, Greg met our dogs and developed a respect with them. Before any training techniques were explained, Greg made sure that we understood how the dogs perceive us and how why they bark at strangers. This was critical in laying the groundwork for the training. Then, Greg showed us some training techniques. We were comforted by the gentle and relaxed manner in which he interacted with our dogs. From that point on, the training came naturally to us and our dogs. We have continued to utilize the methods Greg taught us and they have worked with great success. We would highly recommend Greg and have absolutely no hesitation in referring him to others. Permalink
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