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Anna E
Anna E Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey | February 08 2014
Today - a miracle happened at my house! I have struggled with a rescue dog (a small Maltese) for 2 years who constantly barked at anyone who entered the house and continued barking until the person left - whether that was 10 minutes or 2 hours. She started getting aggressive about it and chasing the person sometimes with light nipping. I was truly at the end of my ropes since I already has 2 other trainers try to help me with no success. Thank God, I decided to try one more time with Greg. Greg entered our house today and after 30 minutes of discussion (and non-stop barking from KoKo), he explained to me that KoKo did not have confidence in me protecting the household so she felt she had to do it. He then explained the techniques to use so that I could become the protector in KoKo's eyes thus relieving KoKo of the responsibility ergo - no barking! OMG, within 5 minutes of practicing the techniques that Greg showed me, KoKo actually stopped barking, then laid down and then went to sleep!! Greg left me with "homework" so I can continue reinforcing with KoKo's training (or should I say my training - lol). All I can say is if you have a problem with your pet, please, please, please call Greg - you will not be disappointed! Permalink
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Laura C
Laura C Secaucus, New Jersey | January 03 2014
After spending a few days with our new 11-week-old German Shepherd pup, we knew we were in for an uphill obedience battle. Jax spent his first few days trying to become the leader of the pack in our home, relentlessly biting and showing a lot of aggression when "playing" - he had 2-3 tantrums per day where he was uncontrollable and we were entirely frustrated. That's when we hit the web to search for the BEST in puppy management in the NY/NJ area - it was clear that Greg Kleva was our guy. Greg responded promptly for a phone consultation and was here the next day to begin puppy management training. Greg spent the afternoon listening to our issues and explaining not only how to re-direct Jax's behavior but the psychology behind it. We were thrilled to see Jax respond immediately - showing submission and control. Greg assured us that Jax has great potential to be an A+ student. After our 2+ hour session, Jax was exhausted from all of that fantastic mental exercising and Mom and Dad were left feeling the utmost relief. Much to our surprise (and greatly appreciated), Greg followed up later that evening to check in on Jax and offer some reinforcement tips to be mindful of as we begin training our pup. We have been in touch multiple times since and Greg has made himself more than available for follow-up questions. We can't wait for our next lesson. The knowledge and interest that Greg has demonstrated for our situation is bar none as a first time pet owner. It's reassuring to know that we have the best in the business available at any time to help answer questions from food recommendations to behavioral solutions. We look forward to continuing our work with Greg to turn Jax into the model German Shepherd. Thank you, Greg! We're appreciative of your expertise and grateful for your professionalism. We highly recommend Greg Kleva (and the Bark Busters method) to any dog owner in search of puppy training or any other in-home dog training services. Permalink
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Leslie T Tenafly, New Jersey | December 31 2013
Greg is amazing! He explains everything thoroughly and is great with making our children feel comfortable. He is patient, thorough and very accessible and responsive. Has made a world of difference for our family!!! Permalink
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Karenjer L
Karenjer L Weehawken, New Jersey | December 10 2013
Greg Kleva is awesome. He taught us how to teach Molly. I have had to send him several text messages, to which he replies immediately. He is always supportive, courteous and has our best interests at heart. While I know that we are not his only client, he makes me feel like nothing else matters except dealing with my questions. He is very considerate of the fact that Molly is not the only one that needs to be trained here. We are learning right along with Molly. I know that it will take time, but I have faith that Molly will be a terrific addition to our family all because of Greg Kleva. Permalink
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Jackie H Hillsdale, New Jersey | November 23 2013
I had Greg come in to help me with Dallas pulling on the leash during walks. When Greg came over, he didn't immediately jump into the training right away. Greg sat down and talked to me about leadership with the dog and things that I can start doing to mentally become leader. When we started training, Greg was really excellent because he would demonstrate and then have me do it. The key was for Dallas to listen to me, not just him. Not only did I learn so much in just one session so far, but Dallas loved him and the best part is that he loved her. Greg is so beyond wonderful with dogs and I know that at the end of this training I will know that if I wanted to, Dallas would walk next to me even without a leash. Permalink
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Hackettstown | June 24 2012
Greg is certainly impressive on his XM radio show on the Martha Stewart channel - he seems to have a passion for dog training and truly cares about the people who call-in to his show. We also liked his appearances with Martha on her show - again, he impressed us. So, we decided to take a chance and see if this guy is "the real deal" who could "practice what he preaches". Is it all just a show or could Greg really deliver? After contacting Greg thru Bark Busters and viewing the videos he sent to familiarize us with himself and the Bark Busters philosophy and program, we expected a good initial training sesssion with our dalmatian, Holly. Well, what Greg delivered was a GREAT training session - we were amazed and impressed to say the least, especially dealing with the aggression that Holly exhibits towards other dogs. He was professional, courteous, and enthusiastic. He was totally devoted to the training session and worked really well with Holly and us so that she can be the best dog she can be. We felt at ease with Greg from the start and without realizing it at first, he began passive training immediately while he introduced the Bark Busters program; he ignored Holly's barks for attention while observing our discipline measures. He demonstrated the techniques, made sure we were comfortable using them, and answered all of our questions. Greg was calm, patient, and made it a fun and reassuring experience that WE COULD DO THIS! We never felt rushed or that he was watching the clock. He gave us a hand-written, customized program before he left and all the 1:1 support we could possibly want. It is so common today, it seems, to be disappointed, frustrated, and stressed-out from the lack of customer care and service. This experience renewed our faith that there are individuals out there who are passionate about what they do and truly care about their customers. Greg actually got excited when Holly began responding to his training, and he was obviously pleased to see that we were "wowed" that it was working (so fast). We're not sure if all the trainers are like Greg, but he certainly has a gift/talent for working with people and their dogs. We honestly cannot say enough good things about our experience, and before Greg left, he got us excited about future training possibilities. Greg is certainly an asset to Bark Busters, and we would recommend him and Bark Busters to anyone looking for a trainer. Thanks for everything, Greg! Permalink
Maywood | September 06 2011
Greg helped us tame our timid, but great-hearted Buddy - a beagle mix. Poor Buddy would take out his anxiety by chewing rugs, pillows, shoes, crates - anything when we left him alone. After a single session with Greg, teaching 'us' the right way to stimulate Buddy when we were around, we can now leave him in the house without worry. We've had Greg come back for loose leash lessons and other issues we were having. Always felt like he went beyond what he needed to do, but just did what was best for our dog! We see Greg as extension of Buddy's care. We have a vet for his physical well being and we have Greg for Buddy's mental & behavioral well being! Happy dog = Happy family! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Permalink
Bergenfield | April 16 2009
Greg has made such a difference in our lives and the life of our former "problem child," Stella. She is a happier, well-adjusted dog, literally overnight. We can't thank him enough! As the hospital manager at Park Ridge Animal Hospital, I recommend him to all our clients for their training and behavior needs. Permalink
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Rridgewood | January 28 2008
All I can say is "wow." After one session it was like we had a different dog. I've always seen this on TV shows and thought it was staged until I saw it with my own two eyes. What a difference! Permalink
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Saddle Brook, NJ | February 21 2007
I cannot begin to tell you how impressed my wife and I are with your program. We have a 6- month-old male German Shephard named Petey. Petey was quite a problem. He had terrible food agression, hated other dogs, and would try to attack anyone that would come to the door. After one lesson from Bark Busters, Petey is a totally different dog. After the 3 hours our trainer spent with us, he had turned Petey from an aggressive overprotective dog, into a well-behaved dog that knew his place in the pack. I will recommend your company to everyone I know with dogs. Thank you very much. Permalink

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