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Madison | October 13 2007
Linda Conrad gave a presentation at our Rotary Club meeting. We absolutely loved the presentation. We have no doubt that she will pick up some new clients. It was a big success! Thank you, Linda! Permalink
Cottage Grove | October 10 2007
We have a completely different dog now! Linda did a great job, especially dealing with the distractions of our children. Permalink
Middleton | October 10 2007
Time really flew by! It seems to be well founded and seems to really work! Permalink
Madison | October 10 2007
We want to thank you again. We definitely run the show now,not Tucker! I have even been able to teach him the famous hold a treat on your snout until I say it's okay. :-) I am so glad he is listening to us now! Permalink
Madison | October 06 2007
Incredible! The time flew by! We saw instant results! Permalink
Sun Prairie | October 05 2007
Linda used analogies to help explain some of the techniques and reasons behind them. We were amazed at how my dog responded to the simple techniques that Bark Busters teaches. I like that there is no physical contact with the dog. The training is interesting and exciting when you see your dog responding so quickly. I think that most dogs (and their owners) need some form of Bark Busters training. Linda is awesome & a joy to work with. She is thorough and has great "people training skills"! :-) Permalink
Verona | October 04 2007
It was great! My dog is listening to me! I was very pleased how easy it was, and also, I thought it was affordable. Worth the money for a well behaved dog! Permalink
Madison | September 28 2007
Linda made it simple- she was excellent! I have been telling everyone! I was getting complaints about barking and now there is peace- all in 3 hours! She is a totally different dog! I love my dog and the training was easy! Permalink
Madison | September 25 2007
We have already recommended Bark Busters. Linda was excellent! We were very impressed! Permalink
Portage | September 22 2007
It was all very straight forward. We noticed results within minutes! It was interesting, enjoyable and fun, too! Techniques are easy to understand and perform. My dog enjoyed the training as much as I did. Linda was easy to work with. She was very pleasant and best of all, our dog learned quickly from her. Permalink

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