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Cottage Grove | September 19 2007
Linda explained and modeled the techniques in a very understandable and relaxed manner as we watched, and then tried the techniques, we knew they would work for us and Brandy. After 2.5 hours, we had learned techniques that would help us gain control of our Polish Lowland Sheepdog. The results were dramatic. At the end of our session, we had a calmer and less stressed pal. We were very impressed with the training techniques and no treats. Exercising his brain seemed very sensible. Linda was so positive and professional- we were immediately at ease with her. She addressed all of our in-home situations. We already have recommended Bark Busters. We have been through 2 other training programs and did not achieve the results that we had with Bark Busters. Thank you Linda for sharing your training techniques with us. Brandy seems much more relaxed and definitely is calmer. Permalink
Cross Plains | September 16 2007
It really does work, but you do have to be consistent! Permalink
Merrimac | September 14 2007
Linda was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient and took the time to explain concepts clearly. She kept the lesson moving to cover all of our issues completely and not get off track. The techniques & support to learn them & use them was very effective. Now we have the tools to change the unwanted behavior. Permalink
Cross Plains | September 10 2007
It was very effective! We would not have made such extensive progress in such a short time without it! Permalink
Middleton | September 06 2007
We noticed results, and were very pleased and impressed with the training. Linda is very personable and all of us, including our vicious dog, responded well to her. I will recommend Bark Busters because I was amazed at the response our dog had to the training. I thought that Linda's claims over the phone were exaggerated and overly optimistic, but they weren't! It was remarkable how the dog responded to the treatment! Permalink
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Madison | August 29 2007
Linda did an excellent job with my dog. I definitely will recommend it to my friends and relatives. Permalink
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Fitchburg | August 28 2007
The methods were very easy to understand. I couldn't believe it. I didn't think my dog could change. I was very pleased with the techniques, and found it very enjoyable. Permalink
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Barneveld | August 22 2007
Not many people can do both like Linda can of training both us and our dogs. We can't believe the difference already! We were absolutely pleased with the training and found the techniques fascinating. We would recommend bark Busters so people can be as happy with their dogs as we are. Linda was great! The best at explaining to us about our dogs! Permalink
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Verona | August 15 2007
Presented materials slowly. Visual aids helpful. Results were immediate and positive. We appreciated that the methods were positive and didn't use treats. It was extremely enjoyable. We have not met a dog owner who could not use Bark Busters. Thanks for helping us to help Stephanie be the family dog she has wanted (and we needed) her to be. Permalink
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Verona | August 11 2007
Linda was very clear & she was so patient with us! We are still in shock over the immediate response in both dogs. Our dogs have always been rewarded with treats- how great to have them respond with out them! We are amazed over the whole experience, and have already recommended Bark Busters! We wish we had done the training sooner- for us and our very content and relaxed dogs! Permalink

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