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Madison | April 13 2010
We have two Malti-poos, aged 4 and 2. Both used to bark to a ridiculous level when anyone came to the door or walked by our house (even on the other side of the street). Taking the dogs out to use the bathroom required looking both ways first to be sure no one was around. Totally embarrassing! Finally broke down and called Greg. Within 5 minutes of Greg being in the house, the dog were much different. After a few hours, we had the confidence to better control our dogs and the tool to improve our place as pack leaders. Greg took the time to explain his reasons for everything he taught us and the how and why behind our dogs' outrageous behavior. Greg accompanied us while taking walks around the neighborhood, utilized stuffed dogs to simulate stimuli that usually set the dogs off, and was always kind and constructive in his critiquing of what we were doing well and what we needed to continue to work on. I highly recommend Greg to anyone with dogs that bark, display aggressive behaviors, jump, etc. Thanks a ton, Greg! Our dogs are a pleasure to be around, and we don't worry about taking them out or when the neighbors are outside. Permalink
Stoughton | February 28 2010
Greg was very professional and explained things to us clearly. We have an Aussie and a Pyrenees, and he understood each dog very well and enlightened us to why they were behaving the way the were and taught us some humane techniques that are working very well with them. Thanks Greg! Permalink
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Evansville | February 22 2010
Greg did a great job with both our dogs! After one visit, we noticed a dramatic change in our lab. We no longer need to kennel our dogs during the day and no longer need to worry about our house getting destroyed while we are gone. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Permalink
Marshall | February 01 2010
Greg did an excellent job with our dogs and even trained US! He pointed out so many things that my wife and I never even thought could be the root of our dog's bad behavior. He gave us many useful tools and in just one day we are seeing many positive changes in both of our dogs. We really cannot thank Greg enough! Permalink
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Sun Prairie | December 02 2009
My husband and I had two yippy Yorkies and hired Bark Busters a few years ago. Since then we have moved and the dogs urrr....okay WE lost the training and the territory of our trainer was sold to Greg Reetz. I didn't know if he would come out and spend the time to get our household in line, but he certainly did and went over and above. He showed us what we were doing wrong and we have had obedient pooches ever since. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, and good to know they really do mean Lifetime Guarantee. His humor and great attitude made it a fun experience. Permalink
Merrimac | November 02 2009
We have two English Bulldogs: Maybull a 9-year-old female, and Quincey, a 2-year-old male. From the beginning, Maybull did not find Quincey as cute as we did. As time went on, we found Quincey showing a strong dislike for her also. We needed some professional help to guide us in what WE were doing wrong. I got in touch with Bark Busters and Greg Reetz came to our rescue. He consulted us and also watched what we did with the dogs. I knew right away that he was going to be our answer to the dog issue. He showed us how to have more confidence in ourselves and the techniques to make ourselves the "pack leaders." He spent several hours watching, teaching, reviewing, and complimenting us on our interaction with our "kids." We feel like we have our life back and can truly enjoy the different personalities of our pets. Greg really helped us find the right road. Thanks Greg! Permalink
Madison | September 23 2009
I thought, for sure, that a dog trainer was my only saving grace. My dog was very aggressive and bit someone, and after all the trouble she got into, I new I was in over my head and I needed help. I found Bark Busters online and called right away. Greg, stepped in and gave me all the advice and directions I needed to save my dog. He took the time to show me how to do everything correctly and had the patience of a saint. He has been there for me when I need him and has been a great friend through all of this. He even went out of his way to talk to my parents! I LOVE THE FLIP CHART GREG!! Permalink
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Madison | September 16 2009
I have/had a dog that was very territorial and came from an abusive background. He also is picky about food so treat training would not work with him. Bark Busters was a real savior. I learned how to better "communicate" with my dog and am now a good leader. I love how the trainer comes to your house, explains the training very well, and helps with getting you started. The follow up visits are a good time to clarify questions and get tips on how to better train. The training is free of treats which makes it easier to watch your dogs weight, should you have to, and free of punishment which is good for all dogs. It is especially good for dogs that you aren't sure if they came from an abusive background like my Max. So there you have it affordable, good, and effective!!! Gotta love it. Permalink
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Madison | September 15 2009
After spending only a few hours on the initial visit, I was able to see a tremendous improvement with my dog and the way I communicate to her. We're still working every day but she is like a brand new dog. Thanks much to Greg! Permalink
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Monona | March 17 2008
Concise training demonstrations. The information packet and training plan is an excellent resource to refer to. Dramatic, immediate results! I was able to walk my dog with and injured arm that my dog previously almost pulled out of its socket! Humane training techniques which foster respect between owner and pet. The 3-hour interactive Bark Busters experience was a true educational moment that armed us with fresh new ideas to assume the alpha role. The Bark Busters methodology absolutely works with immediately positive results! Linda Conrad is a consummate trainer for humans and beasts! Her infinite patience and dedication to her work is something to be admired and emulated. Permalink

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