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Shannon H Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky | September 01 2023
We enlisted Kendra's help when we adopted our 3rd dog and couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience. While I have done dog training classes at facilities before, nothing can compare to having someone in your home, seeing the dynamic of your dog/dogs, triggers they might have, the behaviors you want to address, it was really perfect for us. Kendra really has a wonderful presence that our dogs picked up on right away, they actually all laid at her feet while we discussed our issues and what we wanted to accomplish, thus making me look like a liar about their jumping and bad behavior ;). Honestly though, it really showed me how effective her methods could be for us, she totally changed our view on interacting with our dogs and establishing the correct hierarchy in our home, it just made so much sense and the dogs pretty instantly got on board with the program. Kendra is just so calm and patient and in tune with all the dogs and offered great solutions when other issues arose during our training. She is also wonderful at communication, I could email her a novel and she responded to every single question clearly and concisely. Our most recent addition is a larger dog, which we have never had before, so it was imperative to learn manners when guest come over and it really has been so much more enjoyable to entertain now that we have implemented Kendra's methods. My husband and I enjoy fostering/foster failing and I feel so much more confident in continuing to do that knowing what we have learned, it just makes so much sense and we are really super happy with our decision to enlist Kendra's help, we can't recommend her enough! Permalink
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Tami K Georgetown, Scott, Kentucky | August 30 2022
Kendra Tycocki has been a tremendous help in getting our newest addition in line with the pack! We are a household of three people and three dogs. We reached out to Bark Busters because our newly adopted young female, was a little more challenging to train than my experience allowed for. Bark Buster's offers a lifetime program which is truly unique because new problems can crop up down the line - this just seemed like the right path to take. When Kendra came into our home, the tone was different immediately. Our female took notice and paid attention. From the very first lesson, our female stopped jumping and we got the tools to put in place that day. As promised, if practiced, we'd see a real difference - so true! Our friends have seen the difference and have commented on how much calmer our girl is. No more jumping, or excessive excitability. Just a happy-go-lucky pup that is enjoyable to be around. This is all without harsh punishments: just following the natural rhythm of the pack, by putting the people at the top, thus creating a natural hierarchy which makes life so much simpler for everyone! Thank you Kendra!!! The Kearl Pack :) Permalink
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Heather R Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky | May 05 2022
I think Kendra with Barkbusters is fantastic. I purchased the lifetime support. At first, I honestly thought I could have purchased a lesser option because her initial teaching to us and our dog was so successful. We went from having a super-active, wildly ready to party dog to a well-behaved, super-active, happy and ready to play dog. She responded so well to learning the door boundary that I’ve never had to worry about her trying to run out. Then over the years, changes have occurred (new dog in the neighborhood, Covid changing schedules) and Kendra has continued to be there. Often, the tweaks she suggests are quick, easy and effective. Yes, it’s because we put in a lot of work on the front-end to follow her guidance. But also, it’s because she knows how to teach us to redirect our dog for the specific issues she’s having. If we ever get another dog, I would retain her services again in a heartbeat. And if you just got a new dog or are experiencing struggles with a dog whose been with you a while, I would strongly recommend Kendra and Barkbusters. Money well spent for us. Permalink
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Kate M Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky | March 21 2022
We recently had Kendra come to help us with our dog. He was very rambunctious knocking people over with his 80 lbs of "love." He also barked A LOT, pulled us on leash and basically did what he wanted. Our furnace went out a little over a week ago and we were worried about the repairman coming and if Koda would behave. We were told it was find to have our dog out if he was friendly. We rang Kendra for back up and she told us to apply the methods we'd been practicing and gave us a few tips and reminders. When the man arrived we employed the methods and Koda did NOT rush the door. He went and laid down just as we had been practicing. There was no barking or fussing. Our walking has been so enjoyable and relaxing. No more being yanked down the street by "Koda Bear." This has truly been a quality of life change for us and Koda. If we never saw Kendra again it would be worth every penny we spent. But, we are glad to have the lifetime support if we need her. We highly recommend Kendra and the methods she teaches. Permalink
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Natasha G Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky | September 27 2021
Our experience with Kendra and the methods she taught us has been AMAZING. Previously we had been attempting to get our dogs to do the right thing and listen to us by using treats or using commands. Often we ended up yelling commands due to frustration. Our dog would be jumping or barking and we were yelling SIT! SIT! NO BARK! NO BARK! It was like we were arguing with our dogs or barking with them. We were very discouraged. Kendra taught us the difference between educating our dog and training our dog. When we learned how to educate our dog using the "dog" methods it worked and we saw a difference immediately. MINDS BLOWN! With us being consistent with the education our dog has learned that he is not too go to the door when we have company. WE answer the door! He has learned not to be barking at people just walking by minding their own business. He walks without zig-zagging and pulling us along like he was walking us, which he was!! He has basically learned what is okay to do and what isn't okay to do and we don't have to "bark" commands at him. If he makes a mistake we can use our "dog speak" and get his focus and guide him to the right behavior. It's definitely different then our past treat training and command based training. We love it! And, our dog is so much more relaxed! We also like the lifetime support as we can reach out to Kendra at any time and she responds quickly and coaches us on what to do. Kendra is very passionate about what she does and she is fun to work with. It was worth the investment to bring peace, calm and more fun to our home. 10/10 recommend! Permalink
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Wren B Lexington, Kentucky | November 20 2018
Our little Moose has pretty bad separation anxiety. He would follow us around the house like we're attached: we couldn't even take the trash outside without him crying and digging at the front door. When we would leave him in the crate to go to work or etc, he would cry the whole time(no matter how many hours) and dig and scratch to the point he started injuring himself. Of course we were starting to feel the stress from this, but we were more worried about Moose continuing to injure himself. That's when we found Bark Busters. We had ONE two hour session with Kendra and we saw results IMMEDIATELY! Moose is already so much more relaxed being by himself. And we use no punishment, treats, or clickers! It's honestly like magic! I would 10/10 recommend Bark busters to ANYONE! Permalink
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Joe Dan R Lexington, Kentucky | June 22 2018
I highly recommend Barkbuster’s to anyone who wants to give their dog a fast track to successful family dynamics. While, to me, having a puppy is so overwhelming; Kendra put my family at ease when entering our home when meeting our dog for the first time. She took to our 13 year old son, and he looks forward in working with Kendra for direction on how to use different skills in making our dog respond in such positive ways. It’s so amazing how Kendra has shown how dog training can be so fun. Kendra is responsive, and has a true love for animals, as it shows. Thank you Kendra for training our our Dog. By the way, I don’t see how anyone could give Kendra under a 4 star rating after meeting her! Permalink
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Ginny T Lexington, Kentucky | February 08 2018
Our veterinarian recommended we get professional training for our dog. We were feeling very frustrated with his behavior and having no luck with our group classes. Our dog, Titus, is a 1.5 year old Goldendoodle with a lot of energy and intelligence. His energy (and now we know also his lack of education he understood) led to jumping, pulling on leash, listening IF he felt like, which was generally not often, never really coming when called and general across the board misbehaving. We were not really enjoying him the way we wanted. After Kendra educated us on how dogs think and communicate, we learned we were confusing him and he probably wasn't enjoying US as much as he could. LOL Now, we see the dog we knew he could be. Kendra was thorough, patient and walked us through each and every exercise with encouragement. She had our homework on a calendar for us to track, which was very helpful. She has been quick and cheerful in responding to our questions and never makes us feel that any question is a stupid question. We also enjoy the piece-of-mind knowing we have Bark Busters for Titus' life whenever we have a need. We like the fixed price and feel it was more than a worthwhile investment. Frankly, it came out cheaper than the series of group classes we tried with no real results. We are so happy and feel we are now bonding with our dog in a new and much better way. We highly recommend Kendra and the Bark Busters method. We only wish we had tried her sooner. Permalink
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Marcia M Lexington, Kentucky | December 05 2017
Wow! We just had our first session with Kendra. Amazing, a miracle, like going from hell to heaven. She showed us how to communicate with Riley. No punishment, treats or clickers. We're learning to speak dog. We know Riley loves us and is very smart. She has anxiety, barks, jumps on people and furniture, is terrible around other dogs and doesn't listen to us unless it suits her.....until today. With Kendra's help and expertise we have set out on the path to a calm and happy life with our puppy. Riley had a tough start to life. Her mother was killing the litter. She and her siblings were rescued when she was a week old. She was fostered by a wonderful young lady who bottle fed her. None the less, she has always been anxious and fearful of anything new. We went to another trainer who was recommended by our vet. It was a horrible experience. She walked in the door throwing treats at Riley and continued to do so for the entire session. She wouldn't touch Riley or get near her. We were told Riley was one of the worst cases she had ever seen and she needed to be on medication as soon as possible and probably for the rest of her life. Thank the good Lord and Greyhound we found Kendra and Bark Buster's. It is the difference between night and day. We are learning how to communicate with Riley and it's amazing! Permalink
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Virginia T Lexington, KY | November 02 2017
Oh my gosh...what a different dog I have now. My dog, Bob, was a bit of a mess. He had anxiety, was hyper, didn't listen even for treats and was following me around the home like we were Siamese Twins. I couldn't even shower without him digging at the door. Kendra taught me all about separation anxiety and why Bob was behaving like a clingy dog. It was all about how I was interacting with him and not communicating in a way he got. She also helped me get all of his problems in order. I couldn't believe that within 30 minutes - he was no longer jumping or charging the door or following as badly on my heels. Kendra was patient and thorough and very good at teaching me! She also was honest and explained that separation anxiety takes time to correct, but I have seen a mass difference in only 2 weeks. She has encouraged me and answered my questions quickly. This was really her teaching me more than Bob because I was the one that was messing him up. Thanks, Kendra, for your coming to my house to help me and continuing to help me with any questions. You are very good at your job. Permalink
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