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Richmond | August 29 2011
We learned more in one visit than we had in a decade of dog ownership. Kendra's professionalism, knowledge and personality are off the charts. She and Bark Busters are Lexington's best kept secret. Results were immediate with our dogs. My husband and I are a little slower. Kendra gave us a taste of how much better all of our lives could be -- there's no better motivation. I have already recommended Bark Busters - loving one's pets is not enough. Training provides the balance necessary to create a better life for our dogs and ourselves. Permalink
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Lexington | June 28 2011
Kendra is amazing! She has finally given us hope about our dog. Bailey Jo had been acting out so badly that we were struggling not to take her to the pound. Kendra has taught us how to train her in such a simple fashion! She was very entertaining and professional. Thanks Kendra. Our family and Bailey Jo owe you a huge thanks!!! :) Permalink
Lexington | May 13 2011
My therapist's education on canine psychology was excellent. Trainer was very knowledgeable. Kendra was extremely friendly as well as professional. She left me with an informative/organized plan to follow until her next visit. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends...especially to Kendra. **As a first time dog owner I was nervous about bringing home a new puppy. My first visit with Kendra put my nerves to rest. I can already tell she will be there to help me through the whole process. Permalink
Lexington | May 09 2011
Kendra explained each training technique thoroughly with demonstrations and by allowing me to practice the technique so she could determine how Charlie reacted and how I should use corrections and praise to get the best results. It was absolutely phenomenal to see how Charlie responded to her leadership from the moment she came in the door. The training techniques work great. Kendra had some training aids that helped me give a stronger more demanding correction [not physical], when needed. Kendra made the training very interesting. She was very upbeat and fun to work with. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. It is an exceptional training program. Kendra was amazing, I could not have asked for a better trainer than her! Thanks to Kendra and Bark Busters, Charlie has become much calmer and more attentive. He has progressed well and everyone is pleased. Permalink
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Leanne R Lexigton, Kentucky | December 11 2010
Kendra was very thorough and explained everything to me very clearly. I have already emailed 5 times and she has responded promptly. Kendra called me as soon as I inquired about Bark Busters. She also spent 45 minutes on the phone with me at that time. We started immediately with training - my dog jumped on her, barked and drove "me" crazy when Kendra first arrived. However, Kendra was perfectly calm and in control. Kendra knows exactly what she is talking about and teaches and acts very professional, positive and encouraging. We recommend Bark Busters because WE LOVE THEM! Permalink
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Nicholasville | December 03 2010
Kendra responded to my inquiry right away! She was friendly and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Bark Busters because it has already facilitated changes in Zuzu. Very worth it! Permalink
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Lexington | December 01 2010
I was contacted within an hour of my inquiry. Very responsive! The training we received really helped us get control of the tough situations we were experiencing with our two strong Boxers. If it can help us, everyone with a dog should call Bark Busters! We saw immediate response from the dogs. Permalink
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Lexington | November 30 2010
Kendra gave an excellent overall description (of the system) and gave good examples. We like Bark Busters' methods because we are firm believers in not using physical methods. I was very uptight before Kendra arrived. By the time she left, I was so completely at ease. Permalink
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Lexington | November 21 2010
We found dog psychology to be so interesting! Learning this during the first visit was crucial to the rest of our training. Kendra got back to me quickly after my first call and our first phone chat was so thorough. I was definitely impressed. The dogs instantly connected with Kendra and she was very clear on my role. We had a great plan in place, which made the second visit great. Kendra is very professional, friendly and easy to work with. Absolutely no problems with Kendra! We would recommend Bark Busters because it works! In as little as a few hours, I saw some major improvements. It's such a humane and logical way of training an animal, and my dogs have responded beautifully. They are much happier and at ease now that they don't feel the need to be the "pack leader." Permalink
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Nicholasville | November 15 2010
Kendra really helped us to understand the differences between the way people and dogs think. Our trainer helped us build motivation, confidence and most of all, faith. She was very professional! A pleasure to work with! I would recommend Bark Busters because they know their craft well! It was all around a great experience. They have helped us beyond words. Thank you! Permalink

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