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Lexington | September 23 2009
Kendra was easy to work with and definitely did her homework on my situation. She had a plan in mind from the profile of Teddy I had sent to her. Teddy responded to the techniques. It will take getting used to and repetition. I am seeing the beginnings of improvements after a few days. Permalink
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Lexington | September 12 2009
I am seeing great results already and am truly pleased with the program! Permalink
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Lexington | September 08 2009
Great examples and situation set-ups. Lucy was certainly paying better attention and seemed to respond to correction. I love that the techniques mimic natural wild canine behavior and that no physical training or treats are used [for bribing]. I feel like we learned so much about dog behavior in general and our dog's behavior in particular. If it can work for Lucy it can work for any dog. Permalink
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Lexington | September 03 2009
Kendra is very professional and kind! Excellent marks across the board. Permalink
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East Lansing | January 21 2008
It was amazing!! It made me so happy to learn these techniques and to know it didn't have to be physical. I would recommend Bark Busters because it works! Simple as that. Kendra was AMAZING! She made it enjoyable and easy. Permalink
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Howell | May 30 2007
Kendra, we can't thank you enough for the help you brought to our home. This was Shelby's last chance because of her problems and you saved her life and our family from heartache. We are better dog owners, and Shelby is a better dog. We love Bark Busters and our trainer! --The Walker Family Permalink
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Howell, MI | February 09 2007
Awesome! Suzy really responded quickly. We had fun learning how to speak/think dog. It's a fun family event to teach our puppy. I wish I had known of in home training with our last puppy. After 4 group trainings at all the levels, she still would only listen sometimes for a treat. And it did nothing for the problems of barking, jumping, pulling on her leash and just having bad social manners. Thank you Kendra you are WONDERFUL! I will highly recommend you to others. It's worth every dime and more! Permalink
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Brighton, MI | January 31 2007
I don't know what I was thinking when I added a puppy in our home when we didn't have good control over the dog we already had. I guess I thought the two of them would keep each other busy. They kept each other busy by both getting in to trouble. My girlfriend used Bark Busters and always raves about them. I called and we've covered puppy training AND our other dog's "non-preferred" behavior. It was much better than the puppy school I did with our other dog. And to do it all at home is awesome. Our puppy is learning so quickly now that we know how to speak and act like dogs. - Our trainer Kendra was awesome and she knows her stuff. We are highly recommending Kendra to all of our friends and family. Permalink
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Lansing, MI | January 18 2007
I'm older and adopted a rescue dog that was 15 years old, who was very scared and shy. Nobody could get her out of the corner. She shook, growled, and cowered down. My friend recommended Kendra, so I called her right away. She worked me in quickly, was sympathetic to my situation and very gentle with Molly and me. She educated us and was so patient. My friends and family and I cannot believe what Molly is like now. I wanted her to be happy and Kendra gave me the tools and knowledge. She also kept up on me to make sure I was okay. I've already recommended Kendra and Bark Busters to my friends and thanked my veterinary office for the referral! Permalink
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East Lansing, MI | January 05 2007
Our dog, Jake, was a very lovable dog with reasonably good behavior, but the little things started adding up and then over more time they escalated and he developed new habits. Many trainers told us he was too old to train at age 7½ years. When I spoke with Kendra, she explained why that wasn't true. We put our faith in Kendra and Bark Busters Home Training and were NOT disappointed. She covered everything thing and they will help with anything in the future for no additional charge. I love the life of dog guarantee. We love and enjoy Jake much more as do our friends and children. Our only regret is the money wasted on group obedience classes over the years! We highly recommend Kendra - it was worth every single cent. Permalink

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